Psalm139LOVE Making a Difference

Psalm139LOVE is all about making a difference in the lives of people living in very remote villages in Haiti. It is our goal to win them to Jesus and to enhance and make better living conditions for those in need. We minister to the lost, the saved, the sick, the widows, the orphans and children. If you would like to help us in our mission, we would be so grateful. 

Psalm139LOVE ~ Haiti Mission Trip ~ 2017 

Former Voodoo Witch Doctor Gives His Testimony of Coming to Jesus

Former Voodoo Witch Doctor's Testimony

Meet Pastor Dabou

Former voodoo witch doctor, Pastor Dabou, shares how Jesus came and revealed Himself to him. He has only a 2nd grade education and couldn't read until JESUS gave him a supernatural gift. Pastor  Dabou can only read the Bible because anything other than Gods Word is a complete jumble to him ! An amazing testimony of Gods love and Mercy

Former Voodoo Witch Doctor's Testimony

Meet Pastor Dabou

Former voodoo witch doctor, Pastor Dabou, shares how Jesus came and revealed Himself to him. He has only a 2nd grade education and couldn't read until JESUS gave him a supernatural gift.  Pastor Dabou can only read the Bible because anything other than Gods Word is a complete jumble to him ! An amazing testimony of Gods love and Mercy

Cooking in Haiti

Cooking in Haiti

Amanda is helping "Mom" (Wilnot Mercier's mother) make juice.

A Cooking Center is soon to be a reality!!

Cooking Conditions in Monac

Wilnot Mercier, founder of Haitian Hope, gives Amanda a tour of the current cooking center and it's awful  cooking conditions.  Funds have been raised to build a better cooking center. Stay Tuned!

Psalm139LOVE Cooking Center Being Built

Praise The Lord! A brand new cooking center is being built thanks to a very generous donation. Video's of it's completion coming soon. The mission team will have the fun in painting it and dedicating it to The Lord at the end of August!  Stay Tuned! :-)

Psalm139LOVE Cooking Center Complete

Thanks to a very generous donation, the Psalm139LOVE Cooking Center has been completed. We dedicated it to The Lord this recent mission trip 2017. Now our ladies will have a safe and healthier place to cook! 

Paul Pecott Opens a new RumFish Grill & Smokehouse in Haiti....j/k

New RumFish Grill & Smokehouse in Haiti?? LOL

Paul opens a new restaurant in Haiti. Just kidding.

 Actually Paul brings awareness to the cooking conditions in Haiti. 

New RumFish Grill..outdoor cooking

Paul opens a new restaurant Haitian Rumfish at the Bohoc Market and hires Gail Bain to be his manager. We like to have a little fun on our mission trips!! 

The Tale of Two Wells


Two villages in dire need of fresh clean drinking water. 

Take a look at what God has done through 

prayer and generous donations. 

It's a life saving and life changing event!

​Fresh Water Wells

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​Amanda ask the children what it's like not having water to drink. 

2017 Cayhonde Needs a Well

  2017 - Cayhonde now has a NEW fresh water well!

Thanks for the prayers and generous donations!

We built one well in Cayhonde and repaired two others. This is one of those wells!! 


Our Recent Agriculture Work


Many widow's gardens are being planted, thanks to help of Haitian Hope, Hope Seeds and Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation. 

Planting Moringa Trees

Moringa is a nutrient-dense plant, rich in calcium, iron, vitamins, and essential amino acids that are found in other complete proteins such as quinoa and meat.

Madame Concilia

Madam Concilia is so happy to have her own garden. Thanks to Haitian Hope and Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation system for plowing, planting and irrigating the widow's garden! 

2017 - We went into a new village in need of a garden and a water pump. Coming soon Garden at Cercady!


Gras Li Garden

(His Grace Garden)

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Gras Li Garden

We were blessed to have land donated by Telius Berson in the area of Monac where the well was recently drilled. Gras Li Garden vegetables provide life giving food to the 15 malnourished children of The Gras Li feeding program . 

Gras Li Garden Fence

Time to fence around the garden to keep the critters from invading! 

Jean Jean Mompremier explains the portable irrigation system. 

Only two rainy seasons in Haiti, making growing a garden very difficult. Pumping water from the river allows a beautiful well watered garden. Families will be fed.

Thanks to the generous donation of pumps and pipes!

Gras Li Garden Gets Irrigation System 2

Pumping water from the river.

Thanks to the generous donation of pumps and pipes. 

The beginnings of Gras Li Garden

Amanda and Wilot (Haitian Hope) show you the beginnings of Gras Li Garden. God has been good and the garden has flourished.

In July 2016, Psalm 139 Love and Haitian Hope were given a plot of land in Monac, Haiti we use for a garden which grows a VARIETY of vegetables. A portion of the veggies are sold to buy rice, beans and oil while another portion is saved; However, all of it goes to feed the children of GRAS Li ( His Grace) Feeding Program for malnourished children. The garden is watered by a portable irrigation pump which re-routed the water from the river up to the garden in effect giving them four crops per year instead of just one. Without the pump, the Haitians are dependent strictly on rainfall which come only once a year. The next garden we will  be starting will be in the village of Cercady.


Psalm 139 Love was blessed to have a donation from a special ministry partner of a wheelbarrow, portable irrigation pump, hose and the money needed for the hose that would be used to bring water to the garden up from the river. We bless Cercady with a garden.

You'll meet Brunot in the video. 

He is one of the land owners who will benefit from this pump.

In exchange, Brunot donated Psalm139LOVE with a plot of their land to have as a plant nursery to start new plants for transplanting. 

We will continue building Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation gardens  in other places and receive a portion of their crops as payment for the drip system. We then can help out the families of GRAS Li Feeding Program. This will also bless the families who have taken in an orphan that 

Wilnot Mercier (Haitian Hope) is looking after. 


Making Life Better

(Be sure to check out all the Photos)

Cement Floors

So many home have dirt floors and palm leaf roof making their floor very muddy during the rainy season. There is a need for both...cement floors and tin for roofs. 

Tin for Roofs

Many homes have only palm leaves for their roof making it very messing when it rains. Couple that with dirt floors, it's terrible living conditions. There is a need for both...tin for roofs and cement floors. 

Making Life Better

Blessing of a Goat

Goats are very important to have in rural Haiti. The milk is excellent for babies and growing children. They can also breed the nanny's to sell the

 kids (baby goats) at the market for income for the family.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is a real life Saul to Paul testimony of a former high priest voodoo witch doctor who gave his life to Jesus. This is a man who use to operate heavily under satanic power. Now he is set free and telling others of Jesus. Praise The Lord!!  Pray for the people in Haiti. 

Richard Gets a Tarp for His Roof

 and a Garden

Wilnot Mercier (Haitian Hope) introduces you to Richard. His house only had palm leaves for his roof. During the rainy season, his dirt floors become mud. Psalm139LOVE decided to tarp his roof AND plant a garden with Chapin Living Waters drip irrigation system.

Richard Gets a New Tin Roof

Psalm139LOVE (Amanda) and Haitian Hope (Wilnot) played a trick on Richard. They tarped his roof and he was happy but then this  happens. LOL He has such a sweet spirit and because of his good attitude Psalm139LOVE has hired him to work in the gardens. He now has a job to help his family!

Mirlande House Is Being Finished

Mirlande is a single mom of two precious children, Kervens and Leyla. Her house started to be built but she had no more money to finish it. She had only a  palm-leaf roof and a tarp that leaked with every rain which made for mud floors. The rainy seaon in Haiti is very hard.  

Through the sales of my Psalm 139 Love ornament and a few generous donations, we have been able to pay the men to finish her home!

She is still in need of a cement floor which is $300 ( the floor is dirt) so if you'd like to donate to this project go to

And put MIRLANDES FLOOR in the memo .

Thank you to Mercier Wilnot who is my lifeline in Haiti and ministry partner for always taking videos and pictures !! We couldn't do any of this without him;)


Psalm139LOVE meets Love-A-Child

For months Amanda has been conversing with Brother Rad with Love-a-Child ministries about sustainability projects in Haiti. She was finally able to meet Rad at the Love-a-Child ministries headquarters in Florida. 

March 20, 2017  Sawyer Water Filter Donation

Sawyer Water Filters made a large donation for the new village, Cayhonde. Pastor Aria and Wilnot Mercier (Haitian Hope) give thanks for the water filters and how important they are to the people there who have no fresh water. It's a HUGE blessing!!!


Jeanette Secor, a Lawyer in St Petersburg Florida (USA), was so impressed with what The Lord was doing in Hiait through Psalm139LOVE charity that she made a generous donation for a well-house for the new well installed in Monac, Haiti. She also submitted our name for an article submitted about us and Haitian Hope (our Haitian ministry partners) that was published in Tierra Vierde Living Magazine, July 2017.

In this video I show the children whose pictures were in the magazine all of their photos. They really got a kick out of it;)

Children see themselves in the Tierra Vierde Living Magazine

Well Covering Completed!! 

Widow's Luncheons

Every year when we go to Haiti, we love to have a large widow's luncheon.  We feed them a hot meal of rice, chicken and veggie on hand.  Then there's time for a devotional and testifying among the widow's. And whoever has a song in their heart, sings and then there's dancing. The widow's LOVE that. Before they leave, they're  given a bag of useful gifts to take home with them. Thank you to all who give to the widows! 

Widow Luncheons


Widow's Luncheon Time to Dance

Widow's luncheon with praise and worship, dancing, singing and then widows are blessed with a gift bag before they go home. 

Widow's Luncheon -Gift Bags

At the end of the time of fellowship, the widow's are blessed with gifts.

Widow's Luncheon Time to Dance

Widow's luncheon with praise and worship, dancing, singing and then widows are blessed with a gift bag before they go home. 

Widow's Luncheon -Eating, testifying, singing and dancing.

Amanda washing clothes with Madame Elimane

We hired widow Madame Elimane to look after two other widows by washing their clothes, cooking and fetching drinking water. She enjoys her new job. She would rather keep busy while she still can. 

Widow tells how she appreciates Madame Elimane's help



Experience what it's like for Amanda and team when Mission Flights International land in a cow pasture in a remote region in Haiti!

Pray for the upcoming mission trip to Haiti! 


Praise and Worship is the "main event" at the Widow's Luncheon. They love to praise and Worshp and dance before The Lord. I'm sure their praises can be heard through out the village! 

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