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H A I T I   H A P P E N I N G S  

Psalm139LOVE Newsletter

January 2018

From The Desk of Amanda

Bon Jour!

I’m very excited to share our very first newsletter with you! We plan on sending a newsletter out every few months just to keep you up to date on all that’s going on with both Psalm139LOVE and Haitian Hope, our Haitian partners.

This year we are starting off with a BANG and have quite a few awesome updates to share with you!


Meet "The General for God"


1970 American General

 Deuce &  1/2

A Testimony How God 

Blesses in Most Unusual Ways.

A testimony that God truly does order our steps...

even our church seats! 

You're GOT to hear this!



Amanda Meets Dr. Abe Valentine

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Valentine Abe last November when I attended a conference at Echo in Ft. Meyers where he was giving a seminar about his Tilapia fish farming business in Haiti. He was voted one of the most 100 influential people of Time magazine in 2010 .


Jocelyn Learned about 

Shade Houses

Recently Jocelyn Azeme, our agronomist with Haitian HOPE

, was awarded a $500 scholarship by Rad Hazelip,of Love-a-Child, to attend their three week intensive training in Fond Parisienne .

An agronomist studies the numerous ways plants can

be cultivated, genetically altered,and utilized to our advantage. While Jocelyn was in training, he learned how to work in the shade house you see pictured.


Compost Toilets & Shoes

When I visited Cayhonde, Haiti last August to distribute 75 pairs of the “Shoe That Grows”, I noticed something that forever was etched in my mind. A few of the young children had open wounds and sores on their legs. I asked Pastor Heriveau what had happened to cause all those nasty, infected looking sores.


The Shoe That Grows

This is an amazing shoe for children who dont have money to buy new shoes as they grow. This shoe grows 5 times it's size...grows with the child. You can purchase a pair for a Haitian child and now teen/adult shoe as well in our STORE for $15 a pair.