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BIG RED FOR GOD (what we named the new blessing)

 is moving the earth.. literally! Praise The Lord for the donation of a three-wheeled motorcycle with heavy duty cart!  One of our agriculture employees, Jodelin Borgella,  took some compost to one of the three new gardens we are developing in Cercady for three is Jean Brunot family. Hope Seeds, will be supplyingll the seed for the gardens! Praise The Lord for that!

If you want to donate towards hiring more employees to get the gardens built or become a MONTHLY LOVE PARTNER you can do so by going to to hour DONATE PAGE. Write HIRE EMPLOYEES in memo.

Thank you for your support! 

Our Recent Garden Work 

The New Cercady Garden

With the generous donation of a portable irrigation pump and hose from a special friend and Hope Seeds, we will be starting 3 huge

 new gardens in the village of Cercady.

In exchange we will own part of the land to have a nursery plus part of proceeds from the crops will go back into the ministry to help feed the orphans we are looking after.  

The Future Cayhonde Gardens

Psalm139LOVE and Haitian Hope are all about giving the Haitians a hand up and not just a hand out. We work on projects that make them self sustaining like growing their own vegetables.

We partnered with Chapin Living Waters and Hope seeds for the drip kits and seeds. Each person that attended the seminar received their own bucket drip kit and seeds needs for a great garden. 

We will monitor the activity in the gardens and 

supply them with future help if needed.