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Day 1 - Tuesday - Our team left Missionary Flights International in Fort Pierce, Florida, on a 1943 DC3 cargo plane at 7am with 1200 pounds of freight. We landed in Cap Haitian to clear customs then a short 12 minute flight to Pignon were we landed in a cow pasture! We were greeted by Haitan Hope. Once all the freight was unloaded and loaded, we had a long, bumpy right to the HAFF guesthouse in Bohoc.

We finally arrived at the HAFF guesthouse in Bohoc. It has no running water and no indoor toilet. After a tour of the 40 acre compound, we rested a bit and then had dinner while debriefing with Haitian Hope. Later, the team prepared for the next day by working on their VBS lessons and Gail Bain prepared her lessons for the next day English class. Check out all the pictures by clicking on the picture.


Flying with MFI

I had a few minutes to interview Kenny who is a pilot with Missionary Flights International and he gives a brief overview of what their ministry entails. I've been flying with them since 2008.

Flying into Pignon...a cow pasture! 

A short video to show you what it's like to fly in an old D.C. 3 war plane into Pignon, Haiti which has a grass landing strip that serves a dual purpose as a cow patty. Houses line the runway so I can't imagine the noise.