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Day 2 - Wednesday - The day was off to a great start!! After breakfast we loaded up in the rental truck and "Big Red."Big Red for God is a three-wheeled motorcycle that was generously donated to Psalm139LOVE for their work in Haiti.

We drove to Monac where we had a very busy and fun filled day. First stop, Gemel Bakery to buy some freshly baked bread. (Video below)

Love-a-Child referred Ben and Ron to our team to build a shade house for the Gras Li (His Grace) Garden in Monac (the community garden that Amanda and Wilnot previously started to feed the malnourished children.) So they got started on that project!

Team Member Gail and her translator Diranot taught English while Team Members Yvonne, Cindy and Sandy taught the VBS. The theme was ARMOR OF GOD to the children.

Of course it was not all work and no play.....Amanda and Angie made PBJ sandwiches and koolaid for the kids. What a treat that was! We blew bubbles, painted fingernails, played games and just loved on every child we could for as long as we could❤

We went on prayer walks through the community handing out tracts and solar audio Bibles as well as praying over families who had special requests. The one young woman we visited and gave a audio Bible to, lived in a one room house with a few children.

Their home was destroyed in the earthquake so she moved up to this area but her husband was not able to find work so he’s in Port Au Prince but can’t work because he burned his arm. We also gave her a goat for milk for the children and she can later breed the Nanny to be able to sell the off-springs at the market or trade for food. (Video below)

We also visited one home that had a sugar cane mill that was making syrup. Then time to leave came too soon. We visited Madam Gabrielle's store and purchased rice, beans, oil, butter, garlic and onions to make food baskets.

After dinner at the guesthouse we assembled several of the food baskets to distribute to families. For example one family that was  prayed over had a very young girl maybe 14 that told us her mother had died leaving her and her 8 younger siblings. She told us her father was looking for work and it was very hard to get enough food for her family. These stories sure do tug on your heartstrings. Today many souls were won for His kingdom in Heaven.....TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!!!!❤

Our Recent Work

Gemel's Bakery - Monac, Haiti

We always like to support local businesses! 

No store-bought-plastic wrapped- twist tied bread here. 

No No...Only homemade baked bread the old fashion way.

Take a peek inside! 

Galcom Solar Audio Bible Gifting

This beautiful woman received a Galcom Solar Audio Bible in her own language. We pray this will bring her comfort while her husband is away trying to find work. Please pray for her, her husband and her children who all live in a one room house. We also gave her a goat for later to have milk for their children and she can breed the Nanny to sell the off-springs at the market or trade for food. A goat is a valuable thing to have in remote villages in Haiti.