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DAY 3 - Thursday - Another great day in Haiti!! After gathering our supplies together, we headed to Cayahonde while Frednel, Diggy, Ben, and Ron went to Monac to continue their work on building the shade house for Gras Li Garden.

We began our day in the Cayhonde meeting with the leadership council where they expressed how grateful they were for our team to be working in their community. 

Pastor Erivu told us a young mother heard we were coming and she brought her 6 month old baby to the church for us to pray over her for healing which we did, of course.

Our team then split and visited 8 homes during prayer walks where we blessed people with food baskets and prayers. One of these tiny homes, possibly 6 X 12 had 14 people living there!!! The biggest prayer requests were for larger homes, metal roofs to replace the palm leaves that leak on the dirt floors, healing for illnesses, food to eat and jobs to enable men to provide for their families. We prayed over them giving encouragement and sharing the love of Jesus.

We walked back to the church and Yvonne, Cindy and Sandy held VBS continuing teaching on the Armor of God while Diorno and Gail taught English to adults and children. We couldn't have done it without our Assistant Team Leader, Angie! She was everywhere doing everything we needed picking up the slack always. Gail told the salvation story again today with the Evangacube and more names were written the BOOK OF LIFE!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

We left the Jesus Storybook Bibles in Creole with Pastor Erivu to distribute. After a full day in the community, we went back to Bohoc picking up the guys in Monac, who worked on the shade house. It already looks awesome. Before we arrived at HAFF Guesthouse we stopped by Madam Gabriel's to treat ourselves to a COLD DRINK after a long and hot day.

After dinner we threw a birthday party for Daphca 'Amanda's girl'💕 We even had a SURPRISE visit from Donny and Bervens. What a night of celebration...we ate cake, danced, acted silly, laughed so much and had so much fun!🍰🎶🎉🎶💃🎈🎶 They told us it was the best night ever❤❤❤❤❤That will make your heart smile!