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Day 4 - Friday - Today the team took a walk in Bohoc to visit Cindy's little sponsor girl Wilande's home. We visited with her mom about the new roof she is receiving soon. She gave us a tour of her home to show us the poor shape it is in. Frednel, Bruno, Jocelyn, Jodelin, Ron and Ben went back to Monac to finish building the shade house for Gras Li Garden. Amanda and the remainder of the team visited the new garden in Pignon. They met the young man, Fednet, who donated land for the community. Fednet is an Agriculture student with a BIG plot of land and an even bigger heart! 

Fednet has allowed 10 families to have a Chapin Living Waters drip irrigation garden in his backyard. He knows the struggles of his people. Hope Seeds provided seeds specially formulated for this particular area and Chapin Living Waters donated the drip irrigation kits. Because it's very difficult to farm in the dry climate Amanda and Wilnot are teaching them how to use community garden. (Thank you Doug Carlson and Bethany from Hope Seeds for supplying the needs to this community.)

See all the barren land in the picture behind Fednet? It’s all his property and he's allowing us to build MORE gardens for even MORE families! Amanda brought 20 drip tape kits that will go there . Fednet also took us next door to his nursery where he also has a compost station. Thank you Fednet for your love ,compassion , and willingness to share with the community! 

Next we drove and hour and half to the community La Victorie where we met with the five families that are being provided with a pump and hose (valued at $1000) to bring up water from the river to their garden. This will allow the community to have more than one planting season!  

Next stop was the church where Gail and Dironet taught English. They were amazed how quickly the children and adults learn the language! Cindy, Yvonne and Sandy taught the children about the armor of God in VBS . Afterwards , 26 children gave their lives to Jesus. Gail led them in the Sinner's Prayer (the prayer of Salvation). PRAISE THE LORD!

Later Cindy handed out menstrual pads to the young women that St. Ann's Catholic Church, Becky Hammond and Tammy VanderHeide made as well as panties they, Yvonne and Sandy bought. Angie and Amanda blessed the girls with dresses made by Becky Hammond and Domino's Promise Sewing Team.


On the way home from LaVictorie, we saw several houses of voodoo and passed out Gospel tracs along the way. Some people call it street evangelism, Gail called it sowing and strowing seeds....saving souls!!! LOL When we stopped near a very powerful witch doctors house Gail jumped out of the truck and ran into the yard leaving tracs in the chair by the gate.

 As we headed back to the HAFF guesthouse,  we saw some unusual sights including de blan(two white)guys!!! When the guys came from building the shade house in Monac ,we were shocked to find out they finished today! Pics coming soon. 

We arrived just in time to host the Haitian Employee Appreciation Dinner for  Jocelyn, Frednel, Jodelin and Bruno. 

 After dinner we met with Dabou and Nelson, two former witch doctors and listened to their amazing testimony how they are now winning souls for Christ now. We sent tracs and Jesus Storybook Bibles with them. You just never know how God will use you. What a way to end the day!!!


New Garden In LaVictorie

Psalm 139 Love and Haitian Hope have expanded their territory out to La Victoire. In Haiti, farming is hard work especially since there is really only one rainy season per year which means 3 seasons nothing can really grow. 

We are providing these five families who live close to the river with a portable irrigation pump system in which they reroute water from the river up to their land. This allows four crops per year and provides food for not only their family but also to sell at the market. With the profit they can then send their children to school and help end the cycle of illiteracy that is extremely high because school is not free and many parents simply can’t afford school for their children .

Hope Seeds provide  the non GMO seeds that are specifically cultivated for the soil in Haiti .

New Community Garden in Pignon!

Psalm 139Love and Haitian Hope have expanded into a new village and we have Fednet Louis to thank for this! Fednet is an Agriculture student with a BIG plot of land and an even BIGGER ❤️! He has allowed ten families to have a Chapin Living Waters drip irrigation garden in his backyard. He knows the struggle of his people and in this video he explains that he has seen these systems and wanted to find them.. along come Borgella Jodelin and Brunot Jean ( 2 of our full time employees) and offers them to him and along with. Jocelyn Azeme they have built 10already.. Thank you Doug Carlson and Bethany from Hope Seeds for supplying the needs to this community 

2016 - Former High Priest Voodoo Witch Doctor

Testifies of His Salvation in Jesus Christ