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Day 8 - Words can’t express what an amazing time our team had on our recent trip to Haiti. We had over 60+ salvations which will always be our main focus as this is the heart of God....o see the ones He created come into a relationship with Him.

My right hand Angela K Priest was with me and has been with me on many trips starting in 2008 on my first journey. She’s such and encourager and is always at the right place helping out wherever needed. She has a servants heart is willing to do anything at anytime without grumbling! 

Gail Bain, who took her first Psalm139LOVE mission trip last trip, brought her friends Cindy Lancaster, Sandy Mullens and Yvonne King and I can’t even tell you how much love and compassion they had for everyone they came in contact with.

They provided multiple food baskets , goats , a tin roof plus held VBS went on prayer walks and much more. ..they brought suitcases of presents and snacks! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time because these ladies are hysterical!! 

Yvonne and Sandy had NEVER been on a mission trip and trust me this was RAW! No running water, had to use outhouses, riding in the back of a pickup truck in the heat on extremely bumpy roads and no complaints! I think they rather enjoyed roughing it. ha ha

Ron Lusk and Ben Fry who built our Shade House in Monac were referred to me by my friend and wise counselor Rad Hazelip of Love-a-Child. They have a Charity called "Sustainable Food Production" which provides these shade houses they can be used as nurseries for veggies or chicken coops.

They chose Psalm139LOVE and Haitian Hope out of so many other organizations that are on a wait list and for that we are so blessed!!! Thank you guys for taking a chance to travel with this crazy group of ladies!!! We loved having you guys with us.

Our group was in unity the entire time and we thank you for your prayers and financial support. Much was done to the Glory of God for His kingdom.

My guys of Haiti, Jocelyn Azeme, along with Borgella Jodelin and Brunot Jean and our translators Previlus, Diranot, Frednel, D. Antoine and Ebens dad,Pastor Erivu, it couldn’t have been done without all of you. 

Now that we're back in the States, it's time to begin raising funds for our future projects which will be revealed later. It's a secret!! Thank you for your financial and prayerful support. We could not do this without you! And we give ALL thanks and GLORY to GOD because with Him all things are possible. We cant do it without HIM! Amen? 

In His Loving Kindness,  Amanda (Founder Psalm139LOVE)