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JULY 2017



Mercier Wilnot sent me a picture of two young men with deformed legs that couldn't walk. The parents had to carry them everywhere and they had no ability to sit outside in the sun or go anywhere so we brought a wheelchair down on the 2016 trip.

Then two donors who wish to remain anonymous saw the picture of the one young man in a wheelchair but the other one didn't have one so they asked me if I could bring one down and they would pay the shipping and the customs.

I had no way to get it down in my hubby's small car but all of a sudden my sister Marcia Moore Bramhall wanted to come visit and offered to drive her truck to Ft pierce to drop off the other freight I had.. one was a 118 pound donated hose for Wilfrid Cadet garden.

So I set out to get a wheelchair donated and that took 5 minutes because one of my besties Marie Carpenter had a brand new one her mom didn't use!!!

So sis and I drove from 8 am to 6 pm in the pouring rain to missionary flights international..and back home. It was a grueling trip with non stop rain but the fruit that came out of it is SPLENDIFEROUS! ( my own made up word;)

Pastor Arias accompanied Wilnot to their home and the Father accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior!!