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Featured Story of the Week



God has laid it on a dear friends hearts to not only give a goat 🐐 to oldabert valcourt but to also send money monthly to help supply a food basket for him.

Since he’s blind and cannot see anything at all Madame EDAMA , who lives in front of his house, has been cooking for him from what she has. However she herself is a widow with no family.

You may recognize her as the widow who got the new tin roof ( video will be posted tomorrow) Augustave Anson took the picture of him eating yesterday.

By the way, ALL the neighbors gathered around to admire her new roof, rejoice and praise God, and prayed that this project will continue with other families getting roofs.

Madame Edama has such a beautiful kind heart and now God is rewarding her for her obedience. I’m reminded of the widow's mite in the Bible when she gave all she had..

a new roof with just the tin =$150-$200

If new wood is needed add about $100 

Featured Story of the Week


A big thank you to Convaid R82 for the generous donation of a brand new custom wheelchair for him!

Nerlin has arthrogryposis which leaves him unable to walk and that means his parents carry him everywhere.

When I visited him in July ( the video you see)

We didn’t have the wheelchair yet but I wanted to meet him and tell him one was coming. In October we went to deliver it but he had left for port au prince to see the doctors. With the riots, he couldn’t get back till just recently.

I was hoping to deliver it myself but he left for Port to see the doctors again on Sunday so he needed it ASAP. Brunot Jean and Barnabas Formilus took it to him as soon as they found out he was leaving the next day. Wheelchairs like this probably don’t exist in country and if they do they would be super expensive. Thanks to flying #missionaryflightsinternational we can bring much need items like this in!

The video is of his parents and what they had to say.