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I had the honor of meeting Dr. Valentine Abe last November when I attended a conference at Echo in Ft. Meyers where he was giving a seminar about his Tilapia fish farming business in Haiti. He was voted one of the most 100 influential people of Time magazine in 2010 and stated he had over 240 farmers in business and was looking to expand to have a total of 400.

I perked up when I heard this and introduced myself to him afterwards. I told him that we operate in Bohoc and Monac near Hinche and if he wanted to expand in that area then I was his contact person!

Well it has paid off because we’ve been in contact with each other. Dr. Valentin is planning on driving up to visit me and Wilnot Mercier (our Haitian partner and founder of Haitian HOPE) to see if any of our areas would be appropriate to expand his fish empire.

He stated that even if we couldn’t start raising Tilapia that he would give me advice on gardens. What a blessing this will be!

You can read more about him and the project he is involved in by going to