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2017 - Vision Clinic in Cayhonde

Psalm139LOVE recently went to Haiti and we had about 200 reading and prescription eyeglasses donated by Watchmen's Broadcasting , Deborah Flanagan ( my personal optometrist) and our ministry partner Sonni and they really came in handy! So many in Haiti cant see simply because they need eyeglasses and in this video you can see the pure joy of this precious elderly woman as she talks about being able to sew again. Thank you to everyone who donated! 

2017 - Eyeglass Clinic in Cayhonde

With the generous donation from Watchmens Broadcasting and Deborah Flanagan we were able to pass out over 100 reading eyeglasses in both Monac and Cayhonde which were a huge blessing. Here one of the women who received a pair talks about how much she appreciates them .

2017 - Vision Clinic in Cayhonde

In this video we give you a brief overview of the schedule of events for this day which was a medical and vision clinic, Drip irrigation seminar and prayer/intercession station .