Tin Roofs/Tarping

2018 - The Need for Tin Roofs

Many Haitians only have dried palm leaves for their roofs which are no protection from the rain whatsoever. Can you imagine it raining ON YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN inside your home? This is reality for many that live in Haiti and with having dirt floors it turns to mud which breeds parasites and tapeworms that infect them and their children and make them sick .


2018- Family in Great Need Receives a Tin Roof

We want to thank everyone who has donated for a tin roof and Praise God we have had 25 tin roofs put up so far in the area of Monac and Cayarond Haiti. This families plight really broke my heart because when I saw this video I see no real home, no protection at all.

 Wilnot told me the landlord saw that the house was crumbling and was worried it would fall on them and he would get in trouble so he had it knocked down. At least they have a tin roof but they have no other protection but the one wall on the left side and 14 people live here. We can provide homes for about $6,000 and are praying we can start to get some grant money coming in so we can provide the basic need of safe shelter.

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