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Psalm139LOVE ~ Haiti Mission Trip ~ 2017

Well House and Well Repair

Dedication of the Well House in Monac

Last year, we were able to dig/install a well in Monac, a village of 1500+ people, who had no fresh water supply. They had to walk a long distance to gather water from a trickle down a mountain side into a contaminated watering hole. 

Thanks to a very generous donation from Jeanette Secorwe were able to build a well house for the well's protection from the elements and from abuse. Each well should be protected with this cement block structure with a gated door that is locked and only open two hours in the morning and evening to keep the well water from running out. It also keeps the well working without being overused.

We have two more wells that need coverings and you can provide this for $850.00 by going to our online STORE. Put  "Well House" in the memo.

Well Repair at the Church in Cayhonde

Last year, I visited the village of Cayhonde...approx 4000+ population. 

I had never been there before. The Pastor and leader of the church showed me where they had to get their water and I was in tears. Once again, people were having to get water from a contaminated watering hole. He told me they once had missionaries to come in and install 2 wells which really helped their people. However, with no well house covering and overuse, the wells broke. He had no idea who to call to fix them or how they would pay to have it done. The missionaries never came back.

I knew we HAD to do something to help them. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to dig/install a well for Cayhonde....AND thanks to a generous donation and the funds previously raised we were able to repair the other two broken down wells. So now the village has 3 wells to serve their people. 

In this video, one of the wells we repaired was right next to the church in Cayhone. We..Pastor Heriveau, Wilnot and myself,  were the first one to get the first gush of water. 

This well was very much needed so we can start the Chapin Living Water Drip Irrigation Gardens and use Hope Seeds that supplies all the seeds specifically cultivated for the soil in Haiti.

We have two more wells that need coverings. You can provide this for $850 by going to our online STORE. But "Well House" in memo!