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Psalm139LOVE Welcomes You!

Psalm139LOVE is a ministry that strives to be the hands a​nd feet of Jesus in Haiti,

 providing both spiritual as well as physical nourishment to those who live on less than $2 a day.​

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October 2019

Former voodoo witchdoctor Nelson gets a motorcycle to evangelize.

We brought Nelson,  who is a formerly one of the most powerful witchdoctors in all of Haiti, to the motorcycle shop for what he thought was a video to try and raise funds to get the one of his choice to evangelize. He has a true Saul to Paul story that needs to be heard and he gets many requests to speak. To his surprise, he was given the keys right there to make this come true. In what was truly a God divine appointment, Psalm 139 Love was put in touch with the charity that made it happen. We would like to thank Mr. Arlen King @ Missionary Ventures for making this dream become a reality for Nelson. Before Amanda and the team had even left the country from their October 2019 visit, Nelson stopped by the house to say that he already had 2 speaking engagements to evangelize in other areas. Thanks again to the motorcycle division at Missionary Ventures for all their help with funding this project.


A huge THANK YOU to Paul Pecott and my home church Calvary Chapel Fellowship Pastor Danny Hodges his wife Wendy and the kids at VBS. Our church adopted Psalm139LOVE for VBS and offered a matching donation to challenge the children to raise money to fix this well and it also raised awareness as to the condition of so many who don’t have clean drinking water.

This well was broken FOUR YEARS causing those in the community to walk over an hour just to get dirty water to drink. There is no running water in the areas Psalm139LOVE serves. We have an amazing friend and we’ll digger/fixer-upper named Deribert Etienne. Most wells average around $2,000 to be fixed. Maybe a bit more at this time as gas is about $10 US a gallon which increases the prices of everything.

Message me, Josh Leventhal, Paul Pecott or Gail Bain

if you have any questions. Winnie Saringo Ashwood Jeanne Barr and Angela K Priest and my team went out to see it firsthand. What a lovely 😊 sight to see people getting the water they need! WELL

#Psalm139LOVE #waterislife #missions #cleanwater #amandapecott #missionarygirl


Agricultural Training Seminar

Our 2nd annual PSALM 139 LOVE ATC seminar was a huge success and we have had MANY of the agronomists messaging me and the guys to let us know how much they learned and how grateful they were.

Our speakers were really insightful Fednet Louis, Jocelyn Azeme, Samuel and Josias J. Romeus of Hope Seeds from Gonaives. Hope Seeds we couldn’t be more grateful for your partnership with us and in donating sooo many valuable seeds that are “teaching a man to fish” or to garden in this example. I explained that each would only get one packet of seeds however if they send pictures of them using the seeds we can give them more.

The Mayor of Pignon, Nicholas Victorin (in the video speaking ). stopped by to visit and shared how valuable the ministry of  Psalm139LOVE was to his area. He is a personal friend of ours and shares his wisdom and insight  with us often.

Upon graduation, each attendant of the seminar got a Hope seeds bag ( thank you David-Maxine Balsbaugh) a family packet of seeds and a certificate. It was like a graduation ceremony! Really a lot of fun calling each up to receive it.

In Haiti, many can’t afford to go to school so a certificate is very valuable and extremely important while going on a job interview.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood and Jeanne Barr packed the bags up and Gail Bain wrote out the certificates with her beautiful handwriting. Borgella Jodelin Brunot Jean Augustave Anson Frednel D. Antoine Donacien Azelin, Barnabas Formilus and Pastor Erivu all worked on many aspects as well as Bisson. #Psalm139LOVE #HopeSeeds #agriculture #missions #missionarygirl


Our new male stud goat 🐐 ( kibrit )for our goat farm.

We drive over to Many hands for Hait which is close by as Fednet Louis has been discussing with Claudin which one to buy.

Paul Pecott Josh Leventhal and I met

Darryl DeRuiter, his wife Shelly DeRuiteras as well as Liz Clarke who works there full time on our last trip.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood is our “goat 🐐whisperer”

and has raised funds for many goats in the past and this trip. She names each one and this is dedicated to those who work with her at David YURMAN in Florida.

We bought 12 female goats and the guys will be selling the milk and breeding the goats which will bring in income. Much like starting a small business. 

Meet Josh Leventhal & Anson Augustave

Psalm139LOVE has been truly blessed by these two men, Josh and Anson , by joining our team! God must really like us to bring these two awesome men to work with us in so many capacities because our ministry would not be the same without them. Both of these godly men are now on our board and are an invaluable part of our lives as well as the ministry. 

July 2019

Gadiram well fixed #5!

 Isaiah 41:

17 "The poor and needy search for water, but there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the LORD will answer them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them. 18 I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.

This was a prophecy given to me on my last trip to Haiti in October 2019. This was after our 6th well was fixed and is very fitting for a huge part of what Psalm139LOVE is about.

Gadiram and been without water a very long time and the children and adults were forced to go seek water from the holes in the ground you see in the pictures below. The water was contaminated, it is also where the animals drank from and made them very sick. Most Haitians have very little money to even eat so they can’t afford a doctor.

 Water is life and needed for every aspect of their lives from cooking, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, taking showers etc..  they do not have the luxury of turning on the tap to get a glass of water or going to a real shower as we in America do. When a well breaks down the ENTIRE COMMUNITY suffers but you can make a difference! For an average of $2,200 most wells that are broken can be fixed! to donate. 

Agricultural Training Center/Well Update

Paul was spending a lot of time in prayer/meditation during the summer of 2018 before the August 2018 trip. We were about to build 2 homes and had no experience in this area and he was looking for some guidance. During one of these prayer times, he received a download from God saying we were to build an agricultural training center. We were to then duplicate this in multiple areas. What Paul did not know was that Rad Hazelip from Love A Child had said to Amanda a year earlier that we would be building an ATC. That was a confirmation for sure, but it was not the end of the story. During the trip, we visited Fednet Louis's family for the first time and Paul instantly knew this was the property for the initial ATC.  It was barren land missing one important thing - WATER.  

Big thanks to Paul Maggard @ Ragged Edge Ministries along with Pastor Danny & Wendy Hodges @ Calvary Chapel Fellowship for donations to supply all things needed for the well project. Here is an update from only 7 months after the well was drilled and less than a year after first setting foot on the barren land. 

January 2019

New well @ the Agricultural Training Center

In January Josh and I headed down to Haiti to not only work on the guesthouse but to also see this well that was being drilled for the new Psalm139LOVE ATC that was being built in Pignon.

Deribert Etienne drilled this well and hit 3 water aquifers -40,80, and 120 feet. Deribert is a vital part of our ministry and has drilled a well in Cayhonde for us as well as fixing two wells in that same village.

This well will make a huge impact and is vital for a thriving garden because Haiti has only one rainy season. The rest of the year it is super dry and without a water source, nothing can grow.

A huge thank you to Paul Maggard of Ragged Edge Ministries and Calvary Chapel Fellowship of St. Petersburg Fl for funding this life giving project.  


2019 - Amanda meets the Mayor of Pignon Nicholas Victorin

The mayor of Pignon stopped by to meet me and see all that was being done at the Future Agricultural Training Center in his city, Pignon. 

 Rad Hazelip from Love-A- Child connected us a few months back and

 he’s been very helpful in getting the contract on our new well completed. It was great to finally meet him face to face and spend some time with him plus get his blessing in the project!  Want to donate our partner with our ministry? Go to

2019 - Psalm139LOVE Guesthouse 2019

We have almost completed the guesthouse which will be for our ministry  teams we bring to Haiti plus for other ministries and missionaries that will be working with us on different projects. This has been a total transformation to this home. If you plan on coming with me in a trip this is where you’ll be staying! We could use donations for a double bed, mattresses, WiFi and various smaller needs like rugs and pillows. If you’d like to help us finish this much needed project go to and put MISSION HOME in the memo. 

2019 - Spotlight on Jocelyn "Diggy"

Psalm139LOVE along with our monthly partners is able to employ six people which is such a blessing with a country of an unemployment rate of about 80%. Jocelyn is one of our agronomists who works not only in GRAS LI Gardens but with our other gardens in Cercade and Pignon. He recently wedded a wonderful woman named Ludmie.  We're excited to have you get to know Diggy a bit in this short introduction video.

2019 - Spotlight on Fednet Louis

Fednet Louis is a Godly young man with a big heart. We employ him through the  ministry Psalm139LOVE. He has opened up his property to us and we are working alongside him to build an Agricultural Training Center in Pignon where he lives. So far we have had a well drilled there, a shade house built, a fruit tree nursery has been built, he has a papaya garden, and 12 kids have gardens in the back that they tend to on a daily basis. He teaches 200-250 children about Jesus every Saturday and this children have been active helping him in any way needed. If you want to partner with our ministry, you can do so by donations one time or becoming a monthly partner. It’s with our Monthly Partnership that we are able to hire six people and would love to employ even more hard working men and women . 

Psalm139LOVE Signs Lease on Future Guesthouse

(Mission Trip August 22-30, 2018)

Pastor Arias Gets a New House and Some New Furniture

Psalm139LOVE Future Guesthouse 

Part 1 (inside)

The day Pastor Arias' house was built, Amanda signed lease on Psalm139LOVE guesthouse. Now to fix it up! 

Psalm139LOVE Future Guesthouse

Part 2 (outside)

The day Pastor Arias' house was built, Amanda signed lease on Psalm139LOVE guesthouse. Now to fix it up! 

Pastor Arias gets a new house

In August 2018 we were blessed with a generous donation that allowed us to build not one but two houses! We received a BOGO from Els Vervloet of Maxima SA housing After we showed her a video of the shock that Pastor had been living in since his childhood. He lives with seven other family members in a house that was over 60 years old and was run down and dilapidated. In fact, the wood was so soft and brought it that we couldn’t even put a new 10 roof on because it’s simply couldn’t support it. In Monac we drilled a new well, built a Cooking Center, started a big garden, provided about 3010 rules for those in the area as well as over 50 scholarships for children to go to school. The last big project we have prayed for was a new house for him but it was even better that we both too. He lives with his wife, mom, and adopted daughter in this house and his son and his growing family were blessed with the house of their own across the way.

Psalm139LOVE Making a Difference

Psalm139LOVE is all about making a difference in the lives of people living in very remote villages in Haiti. It is our goal to win them to Jesus and to enhance and make better living conditions for those in need. We minister to the lost, the saved, the sick, the widows, the orphans and children. If you would like to help us in our mission, we would be so grateful. 

 I will praise You; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Your works; and that my soul knows right well. 

How precious also are Your thoughts unto me, 

O God! how great is the sum of them!


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On occasion, we have special items you can purchase for yourself where 100% of the proceeds go back into the ministry.

However, we always have in the store, the opportunity for you to bless a Haitian family.  You can buy a goat, tin for roofs, cement floors, bags of rice or a food basket etc.

Please take a look around!

We hope you will prayerfully considering supporting this ministry through your monetary donations. Every penny you donate, you will see with pictures and videos exactly what your donation is going towards. You can give a one time donation or become a monthly Love Partner. 

The Lord has blessed our ministry with many divine appointments with 

amazing people.

Please take a look at the good folks who have blessed and partnered with Pslam139LOVE