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Psalm139LOVE Welcomes You!

Psalm139LOVE is a ministry that strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti,

 providing both spiritual as well as physical nourishment to those who live on less than $2 a day.​​ Please like us on Facebook or for regular updates from Amanda. on her personal page as she is more active there. 

Psalm139Love P.O. Box 5581 Clearwater, FL 33758


Psalm139LOVE School Visit🥰 

Paul Pecott and I had the chance to hold a board meeting with Pastor Arias along with the teachers and they wanted to share with us and you how they felt about the ministry taking over the school after the other ministry abandoned them.

The teachers RARELY got paid and there wasn’t a hot meal for teachers or children the 3 years the former ministry ran the school -this has all changed thanks to YOU!

The school lunch program is an estimated cost of $6,650 Trinity Hope of Tennessee is who we pay, and they have a director in country that oversees the program. It could be more with the inflation the country is experiencing. It’s about 75% higher prices than I’ve seen in years;(  We still need $3,500 to pay it off.

It breaks down to

31 cents a meal

$40 a day

$800 a month

To feed 120 kids, 6 teachers and 4 cooks. to donate or become a


The Doctor Is In 

Dr St-ulysse Ebents was extremely busy while he was with with us the entire week we were in Haiti. He went out with us when we delivered food baskets and saw over 100 folks throughout that time.

However when went to our new Psalm139LOVE school in monac-he saw 70+ patients in one day all by himself! And had medicine for EVERY SINGLE ONE ❤️

A big thank you to every friend of ours who has donated towards our medical outreach! to donate or become a


Food Basket Delivery

Praise the Lord because in this mission trip we were able to distribute over 30 food baskets!!

Here is one of our faves.

Paul and I stopped by to visit Madame Normil (Job Normil) mom with Dr St-ulysse Ebents and we were HAPPY to give her a food basket. Turns out she’d been out of food for a few weeks;(

She is a GOOD WOMAN -she has her boy Robertho, her daughter passed away about 8 months ago and she now has her 4 grandchildren to take care of plus they took in the little cutie Youdlie (sitting on my lap).

She was a restavik (a child slave) and was treated badly by a woman in a village about two hours away. This woman RESCUED her! Madame Normil mom passed away about a month ago, so she now watches over all of them.

All the kids were in school (they received scholarships from the ministry) except Youdlie who had scabies on her scalp and wasn’t allowed to return til it healed.

We had medicine for that, and the HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Madame Normil has. We gave one month of pills to her.

Folks you are making a real difference in the lives of many Haitians that would not be able to help themselves-THANK YOU! to donate or become a monthly partner 


This is what it’s ALL ABOUT!

As we were heading back from doing a food delivery BISSON had us stop by this man’s house. What happened next was was truly a miracle! His family were all Christian and they told us many missionaries had stopped by to share the gospel but he would NOT receive Jesus.

Today was the day of his salvation!

Pierre Relus is now our brother in Christ-we really feel like this was his last chance as he’s very sick. God is so amazing in guiding us to him. Dr St-ulysse Ebents gave him pain meds but it’s probably a short time he has here in earth.



This is what it’s ALL ABOUT!

As we were heading from doing a food delivery BISSON had us stop by this man’s house.

What happened next was truly a miracle!

His family were all Christian and they told us many missionaries had stopped by to share the gospel, but he would NOT receive Jesus.

Today was the day of his salvation!

Pierre Relus is now our brother in Christ-we really feel like this was his last chance as he’s very sick.

God is so amazing in guiding us to him.

Dr St-ulysse Ebents gave him pain meds but it’s probably a short time he has here in earth.



A Little Bit About Us

So you would like to know what we are all about? The short version is  1. ​Building Agricultural Training Centers to teach Haitians how to take care of themselves. 2. Cl​ean water by fixing and digging wells as water is life.  3. Evangelism or spreading the Word of God sharing the living water of the Gospel. 

Many of you​ are new donors lately and haven’t seen this video made for Psalm139LOVE by John Lain. It truly is about RELATIONSHIPS that we have in Haiti. Most everyone there is family to us and many have been my dear friends since my very first trip in 2008.God blessed me with a husband, Paul Pecott, that  that is passionate like I am about ministering in Haiti.

We have an amazing team Josh Leventhal, Augustave Anson, Borgella Jodelin, Brunot Jean , Ritho , Bisson, and Madame Elimane that God handpicked and knit us together. We were honored to have had MFI choose Psalm139LOVE last July to follow us one Sunday and film our entire day. Hopefully this gives you a little insight to our ministry. Thanks to all of our donors who trust us with your donations and those who pray for us.

Here are a couple of video's about how we started, some of the things that have been accomplished and plans for the future. Any questions feel free to contact us. Thanks for checking us out and enjoy the video and our website.


Donations & Monthly Supporters

We have a variety of projects to choose from for you to donate towards or you can be a monthly supporter. Monthly supporters supply the salaries for the Haitian employees and well as the nuts and bolt​s background costs for the charity as Amanda & Paul do not take a salary.  Please consider even smaller amounts monthly as no amount is too small and goes so far towards helping those less fortunate in Haiti. Thank you for considering support for Psalm 139 Love.



A​ little over a year and a half ago we had a Charles Stanley Solar Audio Bible given to the young boy you see in the photo who was named Jolin.

We sent him to the hospital but unfortunately, he had stage 4 bone cancer that had metastasized throughout his body.

We bought him a mattress, body cushion, a radio and Josh brought items we ordered that would occupy his mind like books in creole and a paint set plus showered him with cards that showed love and support for those praying for him in America.

Unfortunately, he passed away but not before he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior along with his mom and 50 others in the village!

We sent Pastors Azelin and Barnabas to continue discipleship and on each trip we have taken there 50+ have come into the family of Christ.

Josh felt lead that his church The Olive Tree Messianic Fellowship would want to be involved and they bought the land the church now sits in.

Dr Kynan Bridges from Grace and Peace Global Fellowship asked our super supporter Winnie what she needed and when she told him about building the need for a church, he donated the $5,000 it cost to build it.

Josh brought a team from his church in Tennessee and they dedicated one week of their mission trip in helping with facilitating this project. They put their sweat equity in and helped the Haitian masons and carpenters and even the entire village chipped in!

We were able to dedicate the church in the recent trip we took in August of 2022.

Jolins grandma who was rejecting the gospel on every trip.


If you would like to donate to this or any of our other projects please go to thank you.


Samantas husband left her while she was still in the hospital having their 3rd baby -sold the land around her stick and cement home for $250 and abandoned them,

When she got out, she was told that if she could come up with the $250, she could buy her land back.

Thanks to David-Maxine Balsbaugh of #hopeseedsinternational and the MUSTARD SEED PROJECT they bought her land back! The ministry bought her all the necessary tools and

Agro Louis Ritho along with agro Borgella Jodelin and agro Brunot Jean they built her garden.

As you can see in the video, she just harvested the corn 🌽 and in between the corn she has sweet potatoes 🍠 growing -WOWZERS!!

Every single inch is being used and she can now start making money which will help her to be self-sufficient. This is a very successful widows garden and I’m so proud of our team!


If you would like to donate to this or any of our other projects please go to thank you.

​​School Lunch Program

We are very excited to announce we will be operating our first ever Psalm139LOVE school in Monac. This is the village where we began working and drilled our very first well back in 2015. We have maintained a great relationship with Pastor Arias and the folks there and we now have the unique opportunity to run the beautiful school there after the ministry that built it pulled out of the area.

We have approached it a bit differently and have the 5 teachers on a guaranteed monthly salary so all the children can come to school for free.

The next step was how to feed 110 children a day-we were referred to Trinity Hope out of Tennessee and talked with the director about their school lunch program that has been working in Haiti with huge success.

For a grand total of $6,000 which breaks down to $600 a month (about 30 cents a meal) we would drive our military truck to the food depot in the next town over in Hinche at the beginning of the month, drop off the food at our beautiful cooking center we built in 2016, and be secured.

Trinity Hope will provide a director who will come twice a month for oversight, he will weigh each child and determine the portion for each student and make sure the food is being used properly.

The parents will be bringing the charcoal or wood needed to cook the food, help prepare the meals or work in the community garden we have just built-this way they are putting their “skin in the game” ;)

This is an organization we are very excited to partner with and will be meeting with our regional director on our upcoming trip! to donate and please put lunch so we know your intentions. Thank you.

March Pastors Conference

PSALM139LOVE held its first ever Pastors seminar which was a 2-day event where 50 pastor and leaders from as far away as two hours joined together, at A​EM Church.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood Phil and Hennry James Idleburgh taught on being a preacher's kid/wife, end times, bible prophecy, and prayer.

At the end of the conference, I was so happy that we could give everyone who attended a few neckties, a Charles Stanley Solar Audio Bible and Ben who was there on behalf of Hope Seeds International and David-Maxine Balsbaugh gave each attendee a family pack of seeds. 

We would love to have you partner with us on a nightly basis and you can do that by going to or you can donate to any project of your choice.

A big thank you to those who shared the gospel, to winnie who really stepped up and helped fundraise to pay the food costs and to my dear friend Pastor Donacien Azelin for arranging everything in country.


​​Miracle of the Hoop House

Josh Leventhal Paul Pecott Susan Stewart and I were in Haiti in January….

When we tried to arrange to get the parts needed for this hoop house everyone says it couldn’t be done.,

1. The shade cloth is custom made by only one provider and they usually took 7 weeks to make it. BUT GOD! After I called them and explained what we were doing in Haiti it was ready in TWO WEEKS because they out a rush order on it!

2.The special components have been hard to find and then require 12 hours of labor that Sustainable Food Productions SFP lead by Joe Perkins and his crew work on. They managed to find EVERYTHING and supplied our kit! Thank you guys!

 3. Many missionaries in Haiti need both of these items  but it’s been next to impossible to find the metal poles and right size PVC pipes.

BUT GOD! A big thank you to Jonathan Euler who bought ALL of the poles and pipes needed whole buying his own for his hoop house by going to Cap Haitian twice! This is a long journey and he couldn’t find all he needed on one trip. He willingly put it on his credit card knowing we’d pay him when we could get the money to him. Missionaries working with missionaries’

4. We walked in faith not having really raised any funds BUT GOD through a massive blessing had a painting sell ( that had been listed for over 9 months) SEL and the proceeds were earmarked for Psalm139LOVE! This really cool painting was donated to Georgeana Ireland gallery and on behalf her daughter Carissa Ireland who has been to Haiti before with another team and then with the ministry of Psalm139LOVE As she has been close friends with Augustave Anson a few years.

On behalf of all the board Barbara Howard, Josh, Paul, me and our Haitian team Anson, Brunot Jean , Borgella Jodelin, Louis Ritho BISSON and Job Normil we say THANK YOU TO GOD FIRST and then to all who made this possible!! Trust me this was nothing short of a miracle!

Thank you to Missionary Flights International for our partnership because we could fly the shade cloth and parts bag with us!

Thank you to Many Hands for Haiti who has a pro team that assembled it in a few days while our guys could learn at the seminars ❤️

Winnie Saringo Ashwood Phil and Hennry James Idleburgh were with us to see this being built;)

Praise the Lord!

We held an outreach in bail where I shared my testimony of called tobe a missionary at the age 5 but because I found out later in life that o was conceived from a one night stand, having never met my earthly father I felt abandoned and like I was a mistake-how I turned to alcohol but was delivered and have been sober 21 years-and how God told me to read Psalm139 one night and how that ministered to me that He created me and He was my true Father.

There were some elderly men along with many others including children ( 51 total) who accepted Jesus!!

Susan Stewart followed up with what it’s like to be in a real relationship now that they accepted Jesus. How to keep praying and believing that He truly loves them in such a special way.

Pastors Donacien, Azelin, Barnabas, Formilus have been in this village since we helped a little boy named Jolin who had bone cancer and passed away.

Augustave Anson translated passionately, and I think he has the anointing for Pastor!

Paul, Josh, Karens and Brunot were there to support all that went on.

We thank Calvary Chapel Fellowship (our home church) for sponsoring this outreach!!

Without them this couldn’t have been done.

Thank you, Pastor Danny Hodges and Wendy;) to donate to any of our many projects or you can sign up to be a monthly supporter! In fact, we want to hire another employee so you could actually fund and support someone’s salary!!

Wanna be a part of a ministry that is truly changing lives in Haiti?

You can donate to any of our many projects or become a MONTHLY PARTNER?

Psalm 139 Love ATC keeps getting blessed!

Anyone close to us literally sees Gods hand in this ministry in amazing miraculous ways!

My childhood friend has donated all the professional farm grade irrigation in the past and now we took another step by laying down. some of the plastic rolls he donated!

This plastic will :

1. Keep moisture in the ground

2. Protect the irrigation from the sun

3. Basically eliminate weeds

4. Protect the plants

Our team of Augustave Anson Agro Brunot Jean Agro Borgella Jodelin Agro Louis Ritho and BISSON are overjoyed to have this now as it will be a huge improvement to our farm!

When I told them a few months ago we were going to bring this down they took a field trip to a HUGE farm a few hours away that uses the plastic covering so they could learn more about it.

Thank you to my for special friend and his wife for truly supporting Psalm139LOVE!

They have donated a lot of irrigation hose to the other farms and gardens we started also and because of this a LOT of food is being grown much more efficiently. to donate to any of our many projects or you can sign up to be a monthly supporter! In fact we want to hire another employee so you could actually fund and support someone’s salary !!

Wanna be a part of a ministry that is truly changing lives in Haiti?

You can donate to any of our many projects or become a MONTHLY PARTNER?


Illiteracy is extremely high in Haiti as well as food insecurity and the way to combat both is to send children to school where they get an education and a hot meal each day. Sometimes the only meals they have are the ones the school provides.

The problem is school is not free and it costs about $120 a year to send a child which makes it next to impossible for families that are struggling just to put food on the table.

Psalm139LOVE is excited to announce that as of today we have sponsored 53 children with school scholarships! My goal was 25 and I prayed we could reach that number however God was ready to show up and show off and I couldn’t be happier. We’d like to reach 50 now and have children that are praying that they can go.

If you can spare $120 we will select a child for you and not only are you blessing that child you are relieving a lot of stress from the moms or dads that worry about feeding their kids each day.

While the children are in school the parents get some much needed downtime but they also are

“ putting their skin in the game “ and will be helping out at the Psalm139LOVEATC. They will be helping plant, water, weed and harvest the vegetables and fruits which will give them pride in knowing they are not just getting a hand out but a hand up, give them a sense of purpose, plus learn practical application skills for their own gardens. In fact this is the way most missionaries work these types of programs and it’s system that’s successful . We already have had some of the single moms at the ATC that we’ve been blessing and they are truly enjoying being there as well as fellowshipping with other ladies that have been struggling. 

​​Food Baskets​ August 2021

This is another project that is truly beneficial as we have a lot of widows or abandoned mother’s with children that are living in our village. It seems we are finding out about moms that have had their husbands got to the Dominican Republic never to be heard from or seen again and no money being sent.

This is truly heartbreaking and many of these moms don’t even have time to grieve because they are now worried about how to make money to feed their family.

There is no safety net in Haiti and no welfare or food banks to go to so they simply can go days without eating. If you’d like to provide a family with food you can donate online and we will choose who will receive it and you will get a photo sent to you of who you bless.

Here are some recipients of these previous months food deliveries. 

Community Gardens August 2021

Our team visited both community gardens that we are working with and headed up by two pastors on our evangelism team. There was a problem with his well down by the end of the field not working properly so he didn’t have the adequate water to supply all he needed to take care of the entire land he’s working on that’s right next to the church.

We are very excited to have worked with our friend Darrell Tonsing who is a fellow missionary and spilt the cost of fixing that well!  This is a great example of missionaries working with missionaries and we have been blessed by him as he helmed this project after we were gone. This is the 7th well that was fixed that we took part in.

Pastor Dabou has his garden by his church in Terre Glisee and it’s literally a HUGE COMMUNITY project with many coming together to help and our amazing team of guys will be checking on both gardens periodically to lend their expert knowledge in how to best take care of all they are growing . 

Charles Stanley Audio Bibles July 2021

Psalm139LOVE has been EXTREMELY blessed by our partnership with Charles Stanley Ministries who gave us a huge donation of their solar audio Bibles to distribute in Haiti. Many folks in Haiti can’t read and if they can they need glasses/reading glasses which many don’t have access to. I can’t begin to tell you what a hot ticket item these are! Pretty much everywhere I go I am asked if I can spare one or a few for pastors;)

Youseline Pierre Louis is my dear friend I’ve known since 2008 and she asked for ten for the widows she watches over and in this video she gave them out and my heart is so happy!

Thank you so much Charles Stanley Ministries!

Wanna be a part of a ministry that is truly changing lives in Haiti?

You can donate to any of our many projects or become a MONTHLY PARTNER?

If you want to sponsor solar audio bibles you can! What we will do is put your donation towards feeding folks at a luncheon when we distribute them! Thank you Youselline for this beautiful video.. and yes the rooster 🐓 crowing in the background is pretty awesome! We got rooster bombed!

Flatbed Moto July 2021

Praise God we bought a flatbed motorcycle!

Thank you to everyone who donated so we could buy this much needed vehicle! It’s going to be a huge blessing for the Psalm139LOVE ministry ❤️Josh Leventhal Paul Pecott Barbara Howard Augustave Anson Louis Ritho Brunot Jean Borgella Jodelin BISSON and I am so very grateful! 

We will use it for :

1. Picking up compost for the Psalm139LOVEATC

2. Using it to haul cement, gravel, sand and tin for our various projects

3. Pick up freight from the airport

4. Carry all the tools needed to continue our Community gardens projects

5. Carry vegetables and fruits to the markets, ministries and restaurants we sell to.

6. Can hold up to 8 people do can be used in mission trips for our teams

7. Take sick folks to the hospital to get medical care ( we used it in this trip already in this capacity)

Thank you Jesus and to everyone who donated for this awesome blessing! 

CCF St . Pete July 2021

Psalm139LOVE is very blessed to be the ministry of the month for our home church at Calvary Chapel Fellowship in St Petersburg under the leadership of Pastor Danny Hodges.

CCF has been very instrumental in helping us fund projects to drill 2 wells and fix 1 well as also partnering us with us in a Monthly basis.

If you go to a church and are interested in possibly having us speak and share the ministry of Psalm139LOVE please contact us :) 

We love and appreciate all of you 😉 

Food Baskets & June/ July 2021 Updates

Food baskets are truly a huge blessing to the widows/families we have them to in Haiti. Many have been abandoned by their husbands or he has died and they have no job and no way to make any money to buy food.

Gas was $5 a gallon US while we were there which has driven up the price of everything especially food and has made it impossible for some to get even one meal a day.

Below are some pictures of our friends that received food baskets.

If you want to donate towards providing much needed food please place that in the memo section and we will be sure every dollar goes into a food basket. You will also get a photo of the family that receives it ❤️Psalm139LOVE June/July update

Our board member Josh Leventhal and I returned from a very successful mission trip June 29-July 6th below are some videos and photo updates.

I post almost daily on facebook at Psalm139LOVE or on my personal page Amanda Backensto Pecott if you’d like to see more of all that was accomplished On this trip

1. 4 people were saved

2. We bought a flatbed motorcycle

3. We brought in the rest of the donated irrigation hose that will be used at the Psalm139LOVEATC so the entire farm will be getting watered.

4. We provided food baskets for 8 families/widows

5. Provided tin needed for a roof

6. Bought a goat for a family in Monac

7. Provided medical care for a very r set I’ve young lady who is our neighbor

8. Our solar system installed and electric outlets installed by Josh so we have lights and fans now plus a freezer for cold drinks

And much more! 

CTN TV Show May 2021

Here is the link to watch our program ! Paul and I were honored to be in CTN Christian Television Network

Bay Area Focus program that was hosted by Darlene Greenlee.

Psalm139LOVE was featured for the full 30 minute segment and already we have seen new supporters and friends of the ministry. We have already been told they would like us back within six months and we were told they were impressed by all that we were able to accomplish especially considering we don’t live in country and both Paul and I work full time jobs as well as run the ministry.

A special thank you to Patrick Simmons for referring us to Darlene and in turn we were able to pay it forward and now David Balsbaugh from Hope Seeds has been invited to be a guest also!

Psalm139LOVE is not just Paul Pecott and me.. God is virtually guiding us as our chief commander. Josh Leventhal Barbara Howard Augustave Anson Brunot Jean Borgella Jodelin Louis Ritho Bisson Madame Elimane as well as our MONTHLY PARTNERS and those that give to many of our projects. It truly takes all of you ! Without your support financially and and prayerfully we couldn’t accomplish Gods Vision for the ministry.

We love and appreciate all of you 😉 

Marvelous May 2021

Our board member Josh Leventhal took down his first team this month and was joined by Chris and Gideon Stewart from their home church Olive Tree Messianic Fellowship In Tennessee. They worked on setting up our solar system at our house which will be a huge blessing because we will have electricity which means we will have lights and fans ! You have no idea how hard it is to sleep while sweating at night and then try to put contact lenses in by flashlight! The team blessed the house by buying a freezer so we can have cold drinks and they provided a new roof over our kitchen and storage hall. They also worked setting up a community garden in Cayhonde ana few different villages like Monac by doing prayer walks and ministering to many folks... including our team. 

Flower Fundraiser May 2021

 May started off with a BANG !

First off we held our 2nd Mothers Day Flower/Plant fundraiser at our home Church Of CCF CALVARY CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP.

We were very blessed to have all the plants/flowers donated by my boss Ron and during the 3 services we held it we were able to not only raise a lot of money towards our Gazebo but we also met a lot of folks at Church that didn’t know us.

We are so thankful to Pastor Danny Hodges for allowing us to hold the fundraiser, for supporting us as monthly missionaries and to our friends Jewels and her son Jacob , Hugo, Nicole and her daughter Sarah for volunteering their time to help us out. 

Future Projects May 2021


Our ATC is now the ONLY working farm in our village and it’s getting quite the attention! There is a college for agronomists in Pignon where the President of the school is so impressed he wants to start holding seminars on the property and where his students can get hands on practical skills training.This requires a gazebo that will serve multiple purposes

1. Hold seminars where our ATC team can start training farmers plus local colleges can come and get hand on training and not just book knowledge.

2. A place for the guys to cool off and enjoy lunch in the shade

3. An open air farmers market where we can sell our fruits and veggies a few times a week instead of the locals only being able to buy at the Monday Market . There are other markets but they are over 25 minutes away and most folks can’t afford the motorcycle ride.

4. This could serve also as a guardhouse which would be utilized especially around harvest time to protect our crops from being “ harvested” by the locals .


The land is pretty big and this transportation would make it very easy to not only get around the property but also allow the guys to go to local market with the vegetables. It can also be used for delivering goats and food baskets and is very versatile.. heck one of these came even fit up six people in it !


This month we were so blessed to give out 15+ Food Baskets to families in great need. We gave out 75 pairs shoes

Thanks to our partnership with Charles Stanley we went out and evangelized and handed out over 50 of these Bibles

There was so much more accomplished but if I wrote it all our it’d be a novel so feel free to go to my facebook page where I still have yet to post it all but you can get a good idea of all that went on .


Paul and I have been asked to go onto CTN Christian Television Network Bay Area Focus program on May 10th where we will have the full 30 minute show to talk about Psalm139LOVE. We are very excited to share all God is doing and praying that this might open doors to have more partners and support for the ministry. 

If you would like to give towards one of these projects or become a MONTHLY PARTNER please visit our website at 

Landowners April 2021

Our Psalm139LOVEATC is a 3.75 acre piece of land that we haven’t even had one year and the Lord has allowed us to accomplish so much! We have a well, well tower run by a solar pump and panels , professional farm grade irrigation and an 8,000 gallon cistern. We had made a down payment and were under a 4 year contract to pay off the land but we felt the need to pay it off in full on this trio and that was the desire of our hearts.

Without sending out any letters stating our need we PRAYED and prayed intensely. Just about a week later God put it on a friends heart and we went down with FULL PAYMENT in hand and now we can say we are LAND OWNERS !


This was kept very secret and as a surprise for our team so if you’d like to see the “ big reveal” watch the video ;)

Delivery Vehicle April 2021

Our military truck was worked on by a Haitian mechanic that installed a part wrong and did quite a bit of damage to the engine so Gods General has been out of commission for awhile. We are working on a plan now to have it fixed but in Haiti everything takes much longer to do.

In the meantime we had no vehicle to get around in and it costs $150 a day to rent a truck in the countryside ! Yes you saw that right a staggering $150 US DOLLARS a day. We needed reliable transportation not only for teams but as fruit and vegetable delivery to the restaurants and markets our Psalm139LOVE team are selling to.

Again God opened the door and a missionary friend of ours messaged me and felt lead to offer for us to buy his Toyota 4 runner that he wasn’t using. It was in fabulous condition and many other missionaries had asked to buy it but felt lead by God to only offer it to us.

We are now the proud owners of the beautiful vehicle which has already been coming in very handy for the work of the Lord.

Again this was a surprise I held off on telling the guys till just about the last day stating we were “ borrowing “ the truck. Want to see the surprise? The guys were super excited to have this blessing! 

PSALM 139 LOVE ATC TEAM VIDEO!!​ ​ ​February 2021

WOW!!   A big huge shout out to Borgella Jodelin who put this AMAZING video and surprised me, Paul Pecott Josh Leventhal and Barbara Howard with it yesterday!!  It showcases the amazing team that God has assembled - Jodelin along with Augustave Anson Brunot Jean Louis Ritho and Bisson ( our team) along with our neighbor and friend

Job Normil. You get to see beautiful views of the land, the cistern, the professional irrigation and the bountiful crops of peppers 🌶 and tomatoes 🍅 -a big thank you to David-Maxine Balsbaugh of Hope Seeds for supplying us with these non gmo seeds specifically cultivated for the land in Haiti. We have some future plans going forward for this land to also be a training center for agronomists and farmers and we’ll be holding seminars plus we are now selling to local restaurants and markets 😊

Want to sow seed in good ground? to donate


Food Baskets February 2021

Food Baskets are an ongoing project that is truly needed especially in our area where we serve. Their is currently another gas crisis and regular gas was selling for $11 a gallon U.S. money 😡 you read that right ELEVEN dollars a gallon which would have us here in America outraged. We know what higher gas prices can do , now think about in Haiti where most of the food is imported from the Dominican Republic. The higher gas prices affects everything from household items, tools, basically everything they use and especially food. Many who were already struggling to just eat one meal a day are going without anything to eat a few days at a time and even worse some of these are children. In Haiti there aren’t any food banks , government help or safety nets for those in need.

 Madame clini - her husband was murdered and she has 3 children to feed

Angeline- she has six children and her husband abandoned her while she had a baby that was still breastfeeding.

Samanta- she has 3 children and like Angeline her husband abandoned her as well.

These are 3 families that we have helped numerous times because they are in great need. This was actually the first time I saw Samanta smile in a picture and through your giving these ladies can see firsthand the love of Jesus. 

Food Delivery Truck Need February 2021

Our team has already been able to sell our crops of sweet peppers 🫑 and tomatoes 🍅 to some of the local restaurants! We are so excited because God has given us the vision for our ATC to be a business and it’s happening ! This provides additional income for our team as well as providing vegetables and fruits locally making the village more independent and not reliant on shipments coming in from the Dominican Republic.

All of this being said we are now in need of a delivery vehicle to take our produce to restaurants and markets as we do not know what’s going to happen with the military truck. This will also be of great use to smaller teams and to have in case of Gods General breaking down. The option of renting a car is not economical as it costs $150 a day plus paying a driver and additional $40 as well as gas which ends up being $200 a day! The guys have been using the two motorcycles but it’s not really feasible or professional as they load the veggies in a plastic bin and bungee cord it to racks on the back of their bikes.

The most excellent news is that our friend, a fellow missionary who has a compound close to ours literally offered to sell his 2nd vehicle to us for just $3,000! It’s a fully functioning Toyota 4 Runner which can not only handle the roads but is also a very easy vehicle to buy parts for and maintain in country. If anything goes wrong with our military truck we have to ship the parts in which can be very challenging. This Toyota 4 runner will be a real blessing! 

Shoes February 2021

We started a newer project this month after we realized that there was a great need for shoes ... sounds simple doesn’t it? Something we take for granted here in America however in Haiti where most families struggle to provide food, shoes become a luxury item.

I’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects on feet which were the result of walking in unsanitary conditions as a lot of Haitians do not even have an outhouse and use their backyard as a bathroom. There are diseases and parasites in Haiti that are unlike anything we’ve seen here in the U.S..

This month we were able to give out 50+ pairs of shoes and below are some of the recipients. As you can see some of the children were smiling 😀from ear to ear and one was posing for the camera ! 

Cistern February 2021

This past month we were able to build a water cistern that is

12 by 12 by 8 feet tall and can hold up to 8,000 gallons of water which was needed for our 3.85 acre property. After the cistern was built the guys went ahead and installed more of the professional farm grade irrigation and transplanted the fruit trees we had donated! Now the entire land will be able to have water which is essential because there are only 1-2 rainy seasons in Haiti. The rest of the time the land is bone dry and it can go months without even one rain shower which leaves the land absolutely parched.

January Pepper Harvest

Anson, Brunot , Ritho , Bisson and Jodelin had their first crop of beautiful peppers that you see in the pictures and our praise report is that two local restaurants bought the whole harvest and are asking for even more!

With the profits they have made they are hiring a few day laborers to help plant more crops and work with them on making more seed beds and buy compost and fertilizer. This is start of the business God has shown us in the vision he has for the ministry and it’s so wonderful to see it happening. We are very grateful for David and Maxine Balsbaugh, of Hope Seeds ,who have donated a tremendous amount of seeds that we give out to local farmers and use at the

Psalm139LOVE ATC. A special thank you to Mary Mc Laughlin from The Trees That Feed for the 200 fruit trees that were donated in September. In the near future our ATC will look like a garden of Eden ;) 

​Food Baskets in​ January

Food insecurity is major problem in Haiti ,but especially in our area which is c​ountryside where jobs are scarce , so we are fighting that on multiple fronts. This includes seminars for farmers with seeds given after completion, providing food baskets for widows and single mothers as well as growing vegetables and fruits at our ATC .

We were able to provide 11 food baskets this month and here are some of the recipients.

A simple gift of rice, pasta, butter, oil , magi ( bullion cubes ) and garlic is a huge blessing for many families who simply don’t have the money to buy these staple items that are in every Haitians daily diet.

If you would like to provide food for someone who is truly in need feel free to donate any amount and we will use it accordingly. Our food baskets are usually anywhere from $50-$100 depending on how many people are in each family. 

ATC Irrigation January 2021

Our amazing Psalm139LOVE team has been hard at work at the ATC and they were able to lay the professional farm grade irrigation we had donated and flown into Haiti.

This will allow a massive amount of our 3.84 acre property to get watered on a continual basis which is such a benefit when growing any fruits or vegetables as we all know. In America we don’t face the same problems they have in Haiti because it rains often or we can simply turn on a faucet or hose and get whatever amount of water we need. Haiti is a totally different story.

There are only 1-2 really good rainy seasons in Haiti and the rest of the time the land is bone dry which is the major cause of food shortages . Fruits and vegetables simply cannot grow without water but thanks to Calvary Chapel, The Olive Tree Messianic Fellowship and many faithful friends of Psalm139LOVE we have a well, well tower with a 600 gallon holding tank and solar panels to power the pump plus the irrigation that you can’t even buy in Haiti. 

The General needs your Help!

 Our truck is extremely important to the ministry because it’s literally a beast and can go anywhere and not get stuck. However we have had a problem with a mechanic who installed a part wrong, causing it to overheat thereby destroying a lot of the engine parts.

God has opened the door and connected us with another missionary who has two trucks of his own like ours here in the states. He has looked over the pictures we sent and knows what needs to be done and is willing to fly over this April to help a mechanic in town fix it as well as train him on how to maintain it.

The engine we plan on buying is used but in great condition in Oklahoma. The engine costs $1,350 and we will need to deliver it to Tennessee where our friend will join Josh to work on it , get it ready , then fly the parts down into Haiti. We approximate the total cost to be around $4,000 for all that needs done.

We would be very grateful for donations in any amount to help ya get our truck fixed as it is vital to the ministry. 

Agricultural Training Center Update December

We made the down payment on 3.84 acres of land near our house in Bohoc and have been in the process of building or 2nd ATC ( Agricultural Training Center). We still need to pay off this land and would welcome any donations to help us do so- please message us privately if interested.

1. We had a 140 foot well drilled that is operated by a solar pump, built a well tower and had solar panels installed as well as purchased a 600 gallon holding tank for the water. We will be installing the professional farm grade irrigation this month.

2. Started a goat farm with 7 female goats purchased this year and our male stud goat Abraham to be a “ blessing” to the lady goats;)

3. We had a variety of 200 fruit trees donated by Mary Mc Laughlin of the Trees That Feed Foundation which are now thriving at the ATC.

4. We will open this  as the first Farmers Market of it’s type in our area which will supply local restaurants with food and sell our produce at local markets. The guys have already harvested watermelon and sweet potatoes and recently transplanted sweet peppers and tomatoes that have been grown under our shade cloth Nursery. We are very thankful for our partnership with Hope Seeds who has generously donated countless seeds that we have used at seminars, given to other farmers and missionaries as well as supplying our ATC. 

Graduations & Accomplishments

We had our 3 agronomists Brunot, Jodelin and and Ritho graduate from college after five long hard years of study.

Our in country coordinator/board member/ lawyer Anson Augustave went to a special seminar in Port to continue his education in law and was given a certificate of completion. Great job gentleman.

We are very proud of our team! 

Take a virtual flight ✈️ with MFI!

MFI is the AMAZING organization we fly with to Haiti on each and every trip-because of their service we can bring in irrigation, wheelchairs, bikes , supplies needed for projects and so much more!

Psalm139LOVE is honored once again to be featured in this video! ( we are at the 25 minute mark)

I will say that I recently found my baby book while cleaning out my moms apartment (to move her into the nursing home )and I was actually 5 and 1/2 when I accepted Jesus and got the call to be a missionary. I always estimated that I was 9 years old which is what I said in the interview they added into the video.

Paul Pecott, Barbara Howard ,Josh Leventhal ,Augustave Anson ,Brunot Jean,Borgella Jodelin,Louis Ritho,madame Elimane and BISSON are our official Psalm139LOVE team however we have amazing friends like Donacien Azelin, Youseline Pierre Louis, Barnabas Formilus, Nelson, Pastor Dabou and so many more that make everything we do possible. My right hand gal Angela K Priest has been with me on almost every trip since 2008 ❤️

We are #STRONGERTOGETHER! And without MFI we couldn’t get a fraction of all we do without them ! 

 Our New Male Goat -October 2020


To our Psalm139LOVEATC where he will have a mini harem of about 7 lady goats to love on! We have a fun tradition of letting our donors name the goats they buy so our special friend who provided this handsome fella thought this name was fitting., Here’s why ..

Abraham, because God used him to be the father of many nations and tribes. Or

Gerasene after the man Jesus cast the legions of demons from (The man’s name is not mentioned in in scripture, but he was from the land of Gerasene). God also used this man to witness to his village so when Jesus came back, they had heard all about what He did to the man formally possessed, and were ready to receive Jesus. We decided he needed both names!

We will keep you updated with the love stories as they happen! Praying our ladies get pregnant right away so If you’d like to buy a female goat for our ATC or for a family they are between $60-$70 and you can name them! We welcome and appreciate ALL donations OR

September ATC/Farmers Market

 Psalm139LOVE recently purchased 3.75 acres of land just a few minutes walk away from our guesthouse.

God gave us a vision to build our 2nd ATC and to open it up not only for seminars but also as a Farmers Market for the locals to be able to come and pick out their own fruits and vegetables which has never been done in this area.

With all the paving of the main roads many restaurants have been springing up close by and we intend on being a major source of a food supply not only for them but for fellow missionaries and the local community. We have been blessed during covid to not only pay a down payment in the land but to also have the money for a well , well tower and to install professional farm grade irrigation that was donated. We have a goat farm with 5 goats so far which will provide milk 🥛 and hopefully in the future we can make goat cheese!

A few ministries have come together, joined us, and we want to honor them -David and Maxine Balsbaugh of Hope Seeds which provide the vast majority of our seeds plus Mary McLaughlin from The Trees that Feed Foundation which donated 200 fruit trees. We have plans to build a gazebo, a bigger guesthouse in the future which we can use as a trading center and possibly a tilapia 🐠 fish farm! With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

We would love for you to join us in making Gods vision come to fruition you can do so by donating to any of our projects or by becoming  A MONTHLY PARTNER 🥰 just go to the donate link !

If you have any questions please feel free to message me Amanda Pecott , my husband Paul Pecott , Barb Howard , Anson Augustave or Josh Levanthal .  We welcome and appreciate ALL donations OR

Shade cloth at the new ATC Septem​ber 2020

This video is probably my fave!!

It shows a panoramic view and a PHOTO of most of the property!!! The land God had blessed us with us truly BREATHTAKING!

This combines yesterday’s and today’s pictures of it being installed.

So many came by just to help without getting paid simply because they love Psalm139LOVE and our team are friends of theirs.

Seriously so many are joining in because they see this as a huge blessing for the entire community. As we move forward there are many more projects we need funded to make this a success. If you’d like to be a part of it you can become a MONTHLY PARTNER because doin our payments will become due ( we put a down payment on it) or you can donate to a general fund which will support future projects.  We welcome and appreciate ALL donations OR

OLDABERT VALCOURT received his food basket 🧺 with so much joy!! September 2020

Oldabert is a blind widow who has no relatives to help him- a wonderful family has taken him into their home and I finally was able to meet them. What wonderful generous hearts they have to have taken him in. They explained even though they don’t have much they are willing to share. I then saw them at church on Sunday and it was such a blessing ❤️ We have a generous donor who makes sure he gets good every month which in turn blesses this family.

THERE ARE SO MANY IN NEED OF FOOD ;( FOOD BASKET  We welcome and appreciate ALL donations OR

Amanda's Birthday Fundraiser


I was called to be a missionary when I was 5 1/2 - I always estimated I was nine because I heard the call the moment I accepted Je​sus as my Lord and Savior. I heard clearly in my spirit I CALLED YOU TO BE A MISSIONARY❤️ Imagine my surprise when I found my baby book a few weeks ago and saw I accepted Jesus into my heart April 9, 1975. I was actually much younger then I estimated! Haiti is my passion and the past four years I have NEVER taken a salary- in fact none of our board has. We do this because we love what God has called us to do!  We welcome and appreciate ALL donations which will go towards freight, solar panels, the truck, tools and in Haiti unexpected emergencies always happen. See video for details.

$2,000 is our goal! Josh Leventhal and I leave September 8. BIRTHDAY OR

Tin roof #58​

  Work will begin of TIN ROOF #58 Monday August 31;)

Most of you know Nelson-one of the FORMER most powerful witch doctors in all of Haiti who has been transformed by Jesus and he goes out and evangelizes with us on many trips.

Josh and I had the pleasure of meeting his momma in January and God has done something amazing for her! You’ll see in the video., 😊😆😃😄👋

Her roof is now fully funded and you can watch daily updates by:

going to my facebook page Amanda Backensto Pecott


“Liking” our FB Page Psalm139LOVE

ATC Phase 3 Funding August 2020

Phase 1- down payment on 3.5 acres of land ✔️

Phase 2- funds to get a 180 foot well drilled ✔️

Phase 3- build a well cover plus tower that 16-18 feet high and have a 600-1,000 gallon holding tank store the water needed

😃200 fruit trees have been donated thanks to


😊ALL the professional farm grade irrigation made in Israel is donated !

😍seeds supplied by HOPE SEEDS in Bradenton

Total cost is $4,000

This will cover building the tower, buying a 600 gallon tank and the tools needed plus fly in the 400 pounds of irrigation supplies ;)

You can donate online at WELL TOWER


Part 2 of ATC Project-  Funding the well August 2020

Praise the Lord the well ​for our Psalm139LOVE ATC has been fully funded!

Phase 2 is ✅ and very soon we will be launching phase 3! 


Today was EXTREMELY special as our

Pastor Danny Hodges announced that we are now a monthly Calvary Chapel Church affiliated mission and will be supported by a  monthly partnership as well as start taking teams down to Haiti!

This is a huge blessing as we have been pretty much supported through our facebook videos and private donors. The church has helped finance wells in the past but they are now truly invested in us as Pastor Danny told me this morning.

I gave him the beautiful painting and he LOVED it! Specially since he’s big into boating and fishing 🎣;)

We would welcome anyone who want to support us Monthly because up till now all monthly support goes into salaries for our team in Haiti ,Internet at our house in there, website etc. however there are extra expenses like fixing the motorcycles and our truck, insurance on the vehicles and things that pop up that are not covered.

Paul Pecott Josh Leventhal and I do not take a salary at all. Your added support would be a blessing for these extra expenses as well as help fund our future trips down.

I’ll be heading back September 8 and am so excited to see how God is going to move.

We have a HUGE donation of solar audio bibles we will be taking and our focus will be evangelism for adults and working at the ATC.


Go to find out more about us, donate to a project of your choice or become a MONTHLY PARTNER ❤️🇭🇹🥰😊❤️🇭🇹😍🥰❤️🇭🇹😍🥰😊🇭🇹

Part 2 of ATC Project-  Funding the well July 2020

Josh and I were in Haiti in January and went to look at the beautiful piece of land you see in this video. God has given Psalm139LOVE the vision and mandate to build our 2nd Agricultural Training Center. You can be a part of this life giving project by going to and donating towards the much needed solar powered well that needs to be drilled. Once the well is finished, the next pahse will be the funding  toward the well cover and water tower we will need. Please consider becoming a monthly partner to help make payments on the balance of the land for complete purchase or either of the last two phases of this important project. Since the video was filmed ( January 2020) we have given the down payment and the deed is in our name. Also we are almost halfway done with Phase 2. No amount is too small and we believe we are #STRONGERTOGETHER if everyone joins in the vision will become reality✅

Tin Roof #54 June 2020

Fetiere aka “ CHOPS” is a close friend of Psalm139LOVE and is the boss carpenter we hire to put on all the tin roofs we raise money for.

He asked us for help to provide one for his family as it was raining inside, because the tin roof was old and rusted with holes in it, getting his family and everything inside wet.

He supplied all the wood which we really appreciated because it showed he was willing to do what he could to help.

The shoe Psalm139LOVE team decides to put their own “ skin in the game” and volunteer to help for the five days it took to replace it.

You can see the before and after pictures plus in the video Mrs “ CHOPS” is dancing 💃 for joy! So cute!

In the other video Chops and his wife give God thanks and let us know how this provision will change their life.

May it bring it smile to your face like it did ours! 

Food Baskets & Other Blessings March-May 2020

Even though we’ve been hit with the corona virus on a global level that has not stopped Psalm139LOVE from still operating and blessing those who are in real need of assistance especially now.

A food crisis has truly set in, more then ever, during the lockdown Haiti is going through. Unlike our government here in the states they have no safety net, no unemployment money, no food banks, and no stimulus to help see them through. Add the fact that a lot of the food is imported from the Dominican Republic, the borders have been shut, inflation is skyrocketing and they are going to be facing major food insecurity.

We have given out over 35 food baskets, provided 5 mattresses and 3 bed frames , as well as starting to build 8 personal gardens for families and getting our land ready to plow to build our 2nd Agricultural Training Center. Thank you Jesus!

We were also able to provide the money to fix our dear friend, Pastor Dabou’s motorcycle, so he can go out and share his testimony. He is a former witch doctor and his testimony is powerful and he has been asked quite a bit to come preach at various church’s, but couldn’t go because he needed new tires and a few things fixed on his motorcycle.

Thank you for your support because without you many of these people would simply not eat 

February 27-March 5 Trip2020

Haiti's Economy and our 2nd ATC Project 2020

Listed below are just a few of the reasons why our 2nd agricultural training center project is so important in Haiti. Our goal from a Biblical perspective is to teach a man how to fish. By teaching them through gardening and seminars to take care of themselves we will be doing just that. You can see by the stats below why we concentrate on food and water/wells in our rural area. To totally fund the remainder of this most important phase 1 of the project (buy land) is $7,500. We have done this before and the land we are looking at is in an area near a college that teaches agronomy with nowhere to practically apply the skills they are learning. Our agronomists that we employ are in their last year of schooling there so it's a perfect fit.  Any amount you can send is a great help to this project, just put land in the notes. If you know of anyone else that would be interested in helping with this project including churches, corporations or other philanthropic organizations please let us know. Thank you for your support.


Roughly 2.5 million Haitians live in extreme poverty (below $1.25 per day), predominantly in rural areas. The economy is largely informal and heavily dependent on small family farms.

• 11 million population with 45% of that rural

• More than 6 million out of 11 million Haitians live under the national poverty line of USD $2.41 per day.

 Life expectancy 63 years

• Haiti is the 6th poorest country in the world

• Inflation 19.5% last quarter of 2019

Food inflation 22.6% last quarter of 2019

Avg # of meals/person per day 1.58​

Imports for Haiti $4.8 billion

• Exports for Haiti $1.1 billion

Forest area 3.49% of the land with a world average 31.5% of the land

• 2.75% of people in rural areas have electricity

• 3.52% of people get water from desalination plants

• 25% countrywide drink water from spring or unprotected well - 9th worst situation in the world

In rural areas, people got their drinking water-primarily from unprotected wells (5%), unprotected springs (37%) and rivers (8%).

Featured Story of the Week


​This is one of the sweetest women I know and I adore her! See her joy when she finds out we came to visit and share with her much-needed items.

Thank you to her special donor who has provided quite a few times for her already.

With no government or family to fall back on many widows rely on the kindness of neighbors or simply don’t eat. She lives about 30 minutes by motorcycle to the market that’s only open on Mondays so how is she to take care of herself?

YOU can be the hands and feet of Jesus! FOOD BASKETS 

December 2019

Great news! The goat farm at the Agricultural Training Center is beginning to have babies. We purchased 12 goats to get started 2 each for the gentleman that works for us, all females, and one male goat as they are much more expensive.  Our first additions were the twins Jacob and Esau. The beauty is that they are both male goats.

This little guy is our latest addition. Look at those unique markings that he has looking very cool indeed. He has been aptly named Patches and continues the blessings of male goats joining our goat farm. We pray that the blessings keep coming.

November 2019

Missionary Flights International Spends a day with Psalm 139 Love

Back in July my husband Paul, our board member Josh and I traveled to Haiti for a week. We were asked by

John Lain of #missionaryflightsinternational to spend the day with us on Sunday and he filmed us the whole day.

He said that out of all the things that stood out it was about personal relationships with those in our community.

He said he could have gone about 5-6 different ways with our ministry because we were involved in so many projects however we stand in the gap where most big ministries simply cannot. That is having close relationships with so many people- ever since I first went in 2008 I fell in love with the country and the people there and MANY are out close friends and have been since that first trip over 11 years ago,

#Psalm139LOVE #haiti #missions #missionarygirl #Jesus #bohoc #pignon #cayaronde #monac #amandapecott

October 2019

Former voodoo witchdoctor Nelson gets a motorcycle to evangelize.

We brought Nelson,  who is a formerly one of the most powerful witchdoctors in all of Haiti, to the motorcycle shop for what he thought was a video to try and raise funds to get the one of his choice to evangelize. He has a true Saul to Paul story that needs to be heard and he gets many requests to speak. To his surprise, he was given the keys right there to make this come true. In what was truly a God divine appointment, Psalm 139 Love was put in touch with the charity that made it happen. We would like to thank Mr. Arlen King @ Missionary Ventures for making this dream become a reality for Nelson. Before Amanda and the team had even left the country from their October 2019 visit, Nelson stopped by the house to say that he already had 2 speaking engagements to evangelize in other areas. Thanks again to the motorcycle division at Missionary Ventures for all their help with funding this project.


A huge THANK YOU to Paul Pecott and my home church Calvary Chapel Fellowship Pastor Danny Hodges his wife Wendy and the kids at VBS. Our church adopted Psalm139LOVE for VBS and offered a matching donation to challenge the children to raise money to fix this well and it also raised awareness as to the condition of so many who don’t have clean drinking water.

This well was broken FOUR YEARS causing those in the community to walk over an hour just to get dirty water to drink. There is no running water in the areas Psalm139LOVE serves. We have an amazing friend and we’ll digger/fixer-upper named Deribert Etienne. Most wells average around $2,000 to be fixed. Maybe a bit more at this time as gas is about $10 US a gallon which increases the prices of everything.

Message me, Josh Leventhal, Paul Pecott or Gail Bain

if you have any questions. Winnie Saringo Ashwood Jeanne Barr and Angela K Priest and my team went out to see it firsthand. What a lovely 😊 sight to see people getting the water they need! WELL

#Psalm139LOVE #waterislife #missions #cleanwater #amandapecott #missionarygirl


Agricultural Training Seminar

Our 2nd annual PSALM 139 LOVE ATC seminar was a huge success and we have had MANY of the agronomists messaging me and the guys to let us know how much they learned and how grateful they were.

Our speakers were really insightful Fednet Louis, Jocelyn Azeme, Samuel and Josias J. Romeus of Hope Seeds from Gonaives. Hope Seeds we couldn’t be more grateful for your partnership with us and in donating sooo many valuable seeds that are “teaching a man to fish” or to garden in this example. I explained that each would only get one packet of seeds however if they send pictures of them using the seeds we can give them more.

The Mayor of Pignon, Nicholas Victorin (in the video speaking ). stopped by to visit and shared how valuable the ministry of  Psalm139LOVE was to his area. He is a personal friend of ours and shares his wisdom and insight  with us often.

Upon graduation, each attendant of the seminar got a Hope seeds bag ( thank you David-Maxine Balsbaugh) a family packet of seeds and a certificate. It was like a graduation ceremony! Really a lot of fun calling each up to receive it.

In Haiti, many can’t afford to go to school so a certificate is very valuable and extremely important while going on a job interview.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood and Jeanne Barr packed the bags up and Gail Bain wrote out the certificates with her beautiful handwriting. Borgella Jodelin Brunot Jean Augustave Anson Frednel D. Antoine Donacien Azelin, Barnabas Formilus and Pastor Erivu all worked on many aspects as well as Bisson. #Psalm139LOVE #HopeSeeds #agriculture #missions #missionarygirl


Our new male stud goat 🐐 ( kibrit )for our goat farm.

We drive over to Many hands for Hait which is close by as Fednet Louis has been discussing with Claudin which one to buy.

Paul Pecott Josh Leventhal and I met

Darryl DeRuiter, his wife Shelly DeRuiteras as well as Liz Clarke who works there full time on our last trip.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood is our “goat 🐐whisperer”

and has raised funds for many goats in the past and this trip. She names each one and this is dedicated to those who work with her at David YURMAN in Florida.

We bought 12 female goats and the guys will be selling the milk and breeding the goats which will bring in income. Much like starting a small business. 

Meet Josh Leventhal & Anson Augustave

Psalm139LOVE has been truly blessed by these two men, Josh and Anson , by joining our team! God must really like us to bring these two awesome men to work with us in so many capacities because our ministry would not be the same without them. Both of these godly men are now on our board and are an invaluable part of our lives as well as the ministry. 

July 2019

Gadiram well fixed #5!

 Isaiah 41:

17 "The poor and needy search for water, but there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the LORD will answer them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them. 18 I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.

This was a prophecy given to me on my last trip to Haiti in October 2019. This was after our 6th well was fixed and is very fitting for a huge part of what Psalm139LOVE is about.

Gadiram and been without water a very long time and the children and adults were forced to go seek water from the holes in the ground you see in the pictures below. The water was contaminated, it is also where the animals drank from and made them very sick. Most Haitians have very little money to even eat so they can’t afford a doctor.

 Water is life and needed for every aspect of their lives from cooking, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, taking showers etc..  they do not have the luxury of turning on the tap to get a glass of water or going to a real shower as we in America do. When a well breaks down the ENTIRE COMMUNITY suffers but you can make a difference! For an average of $2,200 most wells that are broken can be fixed! to donate. 

Agricultural Training Center/Well Update

Paul was spending a lot of time in prayer/meditation during the summer of 2018 before the August 2018 trip. We were about to build 2 homes and had no experience in this area and he was looking for some guidance. During one of these prayer times, he received a download from God saying we were to build an agricultural training center. We were to then duplicate this in multiple areas. What Paul did not know was that Rad Hazelip from Love A Child had said to Amanda a year earlier that we would be building an ATC. That was a confirmation for sure, but it was not the end of the story. During the trip, we visited Fednet Louis's family for the first time and Paul instantly knew this was the property for the initial ATC.  It was barren land missing one important thing - WATER.  

Big thanks to Paul Maggard @ Ragged Edge Ministries along with Pastor Danny & Wendy Hodges @ Calvary Chapel Fellowship for donations to supply all things needed for the well project. Here is an update from only 7 months after the well was drilled and less than a year after first setting foot on the barren land. 

May 2019

The Well @ Rozo fixed #4!


The well at Rozo had been broken for quite some time and these pictures of these precious children broke our heart seeing where they had to get water from. Painfully this is the case for many children and adults because nobody in our area has running water and all rely on local wells to be able to get fresh water. However many wells have simply broken down and the government does not fix them so many are forded yo walk sometimes one hour to get contaminated water that they need to drink, wash dishes, cook with and take baths with.

We were blessed to actually meet the children in these pictures and pump the well with them and see fresh clear water pouring out!

This was our 4th well we had fixed and Praise God at this present time of December 2019 we have fixed 6. The average cost is between $2,000 to $2,500 depends on what is wrong and the cost of parts to fix it at the current time and price of gas. The country has been in chaos recently and gas has hit as high as $12 a gallon US! So this effects everything. 


Youtube video thumbnail

2019 - Amanda meets the Mayor of Pignon Nicholas Victorin

The mayor of Pignon stopped by to meet me and see all that was being done at the Future Agricultural Training Center in his city, Pignon. 

 Rad Hazelip from Love-A- Child connected us a few months back and

 he’s been very helpful in getting the contract on our new well completed. It was great to finally