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2017 - Psalm139LOVE Team Member Winnie gives a tour of Pastor Arias' house.

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2018 - Psalm139LOVE Team Member Gail gives a tour of Pastor Arias' house. 


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Miralande House Is Getting Finished

Mirlande is a single mom who has two children and one of them has hydrocephalus making life even harder for her . 

She was living in a home with her family ( mom, stepdad, sisters and brothers with a total of NINE people) that was not finished and only protected by tarps and tins in certain areas. Through the sale of my Psalm139LOVE ornament and generous donations she has a completed hOme, two dorms and two windows plus we added a porch with a tin roof so they can sit outside! She also is getting a cement floor! Thank you Jesus and to all who donated to this worthy cause.

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Mirlande House Gets a Cement Floord

Mirlande is a single mom of two children and one has hydrocephalus which makes life even harder for her. One of our ministry partners has donated the $300 that was needed to provide a cement floor which is a huge blessing. Many Haitians have dirt floors which make the whole family but particularly the children susceptible to tapeworms and parasites which then take 35-40% of their food and keeps them in starvation mode just adding to the malnutrition problem they have there.