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Psalm139LOVE Shade House #2 Completed

Future Home of the Psalm139LOVE Agricultural Training Center

The garden is in need of water. We are currently raising funds to drill for a well.

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Gardens, Seeds and Drip Irrigation Kits

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2018 - Shade House Dedication

On our recent mission trip to Bohoc Haiti we were blessed to have an amazing team with so many talents and the love of Jesus being poured out. Ron Lusk and Ben Nye came with us and built a shade house at GRAS Li ( His Grace) Garden in Monac. This is a video taken by my friend John Draxton as we prayed and sang and gave God Glory for what He is doing in the area.

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2017 - Pastor Heriveau's Garden

With the recent donation that provided for the well to get fixed in Cayhonde it was a double blessing! Not only will the church members and surrounding community have fresh water but it will also provide the water needed for Pastor Heriveaus garden! He was only able to have one crop per year because there is only one rainy season but now he will have 4 crops per year. Thank you to Hope Seeds for providing all the seeds necessary for this amazing life sustaining project.

Psalm139LOVE ~ Haiti Mission Trip ~ 2017

Seed Trays & Drip Irrigation Kits

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2017 - Demonstrates how to use the seed trays.

Katelyn Ketelaar gave a seminar on how to use the 125 seeds trays that were donated by Mike and Gordon of Florida Cactus. The seed trays will be used by the people of Cercady, Cayhonde and Monac so they will be more efficient in growing their own vegetables.

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2017 - Pastor Heriveau Gives Thanks for Seeds

While we were in Cayhonde Haiti we held a Chapin Living Waters drip irrigation seminar and handed out seeds that were supplied by Hope Seeds so each family that attended could grow their own vegetables.

Pastor Heriveau the leader of this village talks about how much he appreciates the seeds and wanted to give thanks.

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2017 - Drip Irrigation Seminar By An Agronomist w/Love-a-Child

Psalm139LOVE,  in partnership with Chapin Living Waters, hosted a seminar in Cayhonde, Haiti  on our recent August 2017 mission trip. Wilner, who is the head agronomist for Love-a-Child  run by Bobby and Sherry Burnette, gave an intensive training on drip irrigation gardens and each attendee received their own kit plus seeds from Hope Seeds.  Psalm139LOVE  is all about the hand up not hand out and sustainable agriculture is one of our main focus right after evangelism and winning souls into God's kingdom!

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2017- Drip Irrigation Seminar in Leodirage

Psalm139LOVE Team Member, Gail Bain,  shows the Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation seminar being conducted outside the church in Leodirage and then takes us inside to the activities there.

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2018 - Hope Seeds Fundraiser

Hope Seeds had a fundraiser May 1, 2018 where a team of volunteers came and packed seeds that would be going out to many missionaries in the countries they serve . These seeds are used not only to be able to start gardens and feed families but to be a witness for Jesus Christ. Each package comes with a gospel tract and has a retail value of $25 . Bethany thought it would be extra special to have a Missionary at the event who could talk about how valuable the seeds are and asked me to be the featured guest .  Hope Seeds has donated 200 packets to Psalm139LOVE and Haitian Hope for a retail values of $5,000!

We love Hope Seeds and are so thankful!

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2017  - Partnering with Hope Seeds

I had the pleasure of meeting with Bethany from Hope Seeds who has so generously donated the seeds for all of our gardens.

What a wonderful woman she is and our charity is very blessed by their ministry.

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2018 - Richard's Garden

We partnered partnered with Chapin Living Waters and Hope seeds to provide personal garden for 55 people in Monac. Richard is a recipient of one the drip irrigation kits do he can have a garden in his yard to grow good for his family;)

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2017- New Commuity Garden in Pignon

Psalm139LOVE has expanded into a new village!! We have Fednet Louis to thank for this! Fednet is an Agriculture student with a BIG plot of land and an even BIGGER ❤️!

He has allowed ten families to have a Chapin Living Waters drip irrigation garden in his backyard. He knows the struggle of his people and in this video he explains that he has seen these systems and wanted to find them.. along come Borgella Jodelin and Brunot Jean ( 2 of our full time employees) and offers them to him and along with. Jocelyn Azeme they have built 10 already .

Thank you Doug Carlson and Bethany from Hope Seeds for supplying the needs to this community . Even better..see all the barren land in the picture behind Fednet? It’s all his property and he is allowing us to build more gardens for even more families! I brought 20 drip tape kits with me that will go up there . He then took us next door to his nursery where he also has a compost station. Thank you Fednet for your love ,compassion , and willingness to share with the community! 

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2017- Planting Moringa

In this short video, Amanda is  at a garden in Monac planting Moringa and talking about the benefits of this super-food. We will be starting a Moringa farm in Monac with the extra land that had been given to us.

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2018- Jocelyn Azeme's Garden

Psalm 139 Love  has hired Jocelyn “ Diggy” Azeme to work in the gardens. Jocelyn is studying to be an agronomist and heads up our garden program that we have in Monac , Cercady, Pignon, Bohoc and now La Victoire.

When Amanda was on a prayer walk, she stopped by to see what Diggy was doing in his backyard. He learned tire gardening from a recent 3 week intensive he attended at Love-a-Child in Fond Parisienne and was happy to show me what he was growing .

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2017- Visiting a New Territory - LaVictorie

Psalm 139LOVE has expanded their territory out to La Victoire. In Haiti, farming is hard work especially since there is really only one rainy season per year which means 3 seasons nothing can really grow.

We are providing these five families who live close to the river with a portable irrigation pump system in which they reroute water from the river up to their land. This allows four crops per year and provides food for not only their family but also to sell at the market. With the profit they can then send their children to school and help end the cycle of illiteracy that is extremely high because school is not free and many parents simply can’t afford school for their children .

Hope Seeds provide ll the non GMO seeds that are specifically cultivated for the soil in Haiti .

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2016- Gras Li Garden Gets a Fence

GRAS Li ( HIS GRACE) Garden is located in Monac Haiti and was built for the purpose of providing food for school and malnourished children who live in the village. A friend blessed Psalm139LOVE with the money needed to fence the garden to keep It protected from the roaming animals in the area. 

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2017- Widow's Garden with Drip Irrigation

Psalm 139 Love has partnered with Chapin Living Waters and Hope Seeds to provide drip irrigation gardens and seeds for the widows to grow their own food! With no government assistance available each person has to take care of themselves and the gardens provide not only food to eat but to sell.