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Our 5 Dedicated Haitian Staff

We are so blessed to find such dedicated workers with a heart for their people and the willingness to

to continue the projets that we started to benefit the community. 

Jocelyn "Diggy" Azeme

Haitian Hope 

Future Agronomist

Jocelyn Azeme aka “ Diggy” is the head of our Gardens project. He is studying to be an Agronomist at UCCC in Bohoc / Caiman and along with Jodelin Borgella and Brunot Jean they work in GRAS Li ( His Grace ) garden in Monac as well as work with Fednet and Emmanuel on their community gardens in Pignon and Labisaint respectively.

Jocelyn won a scholarship from our dear friend and executive director of

 Love- A-Child, Rad Hazelip and has been to a 3 week intensive agriculture seminar at the Love a Child facilities in Fond Parisienne.

 This summer we will be sending him to “ chicken School”as well and are waiting for Rad to give us the dates of the next training.

Eventually we want to start our own chicken farms so this training will be invaluable to the ministry . 

Jodelin Borgella

Garden Keeper

Future Agronomist

Jodelin Borgella is studying to be an agronomist with Jocelyn Azeme and

 Jean Brunot at UCCC in Bohoc . He is active in working in  GRAS Li Gardens but his main goal is to help the surrounding communities build Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation Systems Gardens. 

He also tends to the nursery , harvests the vegetables and sells them at market .

We have gardens in Monac, Bohoc , Pignon , Cayarond and La Victoire. 

Brunot Jean

Garden Keeper

Future Agronomist

Brunot Jean studies at UCCC Bohoc /Caiman with Jocelyn and Jodelin and works well with this team. He is a fabulous driver of BIG RED for God which is our 3 wheel motorcycle that has a metal bed to transport all the tools and kits needed to build gardens plus take the veggies to market to sell.

He shares his knowledge and works on building the Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation gardens and tends to the nursery where our veggies grow from the seeds donated to us by Hope Seeds in Bradenton . 


Garden Keeper

What can I say about Richard except that he is AMAZING !! When I first met Richard I saw him running to GRAS Li Garden to meet me and when I got my feet dirty he immediately began to wash them with water ! And the whole time he did it, he was smiling. I was so humbled. Wilnot then told me that Richard was responsible for going up the side of the neighboring mountain , cutting the wood down and bringing it to the garden and put the fence up! This was no easy feat and there was no pay. I didn’t even know anyone had done this for us. He just enjoyed being in the garden everyday and helping out .

I knew then that we needed to hire him and he’s been such an asset to our team. He is doing what he loves and getting paid for it so he can now support his wife and 3 children of which I’m the godmother to their little girl Chardeline. 

Madame Elimane

Widow's Helper

Madame Elimane is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. We love having her in our team. She receives a monthly salary plus a $50 monthly stipend ( for food and soap)  for two widows, Madame Concilia and Madame Misilia,  by cooking food 3 times a week, fetching  water at the new well and washing their clothes at the river.

These two elderly widows are completely alone with no family. They've been relying on the help from their neighbors who are just as poor and with families.

 In Haiti there is no government help, no Medicare and nowhere to turn to if you are elderly with no family.  I've seen the two widows Madame Elimane takes care of and they are so grateful with the one of them practically knocking me over from hugging me so much when I saw her this last trip.