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Haiti Mission Trip

August 22 - 30, 2018


DAY 1 - Wednesday August 22, 2018 

Meet, Greet and Leave for Ft Pierce

The team met in Clearwater, Florida, loaded up all the vehicles and drove down to Ft Pierce, Florida..about a 3 hour drive. Once they unloaded the freight, they checked into their hotel rooms and met up for their "last supper" the night before the flight. Please pray for them! There's a lot that needs to be accomplished and requires much prayer! Thank you! 

DAY 2 - Thursday August 23, 2018 

Bye Bye Florida ~ Hello Haiti

It was a beautiful morning for the team to wake up to catch their MFI flight to Haiti. Praise The Lord for an easy landing in the Pignon cow-pasture airport. MFI are experts who've been landing in this field for years. Always a smooth ride and easy landing! Now the work begins by unloading ALL the freight, luggage and team and then take a very bumpy ride to our Bohoc guesthouse! (Click on picture to take you to more)

DAY 2  CONTINUED ~ Time to Lay a Firm Foundation

Once they team arrived at the guesthouse and unloaded, they drove to Monac to access the building project. Everyone on the team pitched in along with some of the children and locals by moving rocks and shoveling dirt for the foundation for the two houses we are building this week for Pastor Arias and his family. The team then visited Gras Li Garden where Ben and Ron and our team built a shade house last year. The gardens looked great and are producing vegetables. We have many more seed kits and trays from Hope Seeds to provide them. Also the Team was blessed to see the ladies preparing food in the cooking center Psalm139LOVE built a couple years ago. It was great for them to also see the people in the community flourishing and working on their own. After a long day, the Team loaded up in the General and drove back to Bohoc for dinner of goat, rice and beans, avocado and mixed vegetables while debriefing and mading plans for the next day. Thank you God for a great first day back in Haiti.

DAY 3 ~ Friday ~ August 24, 2018

Laying Cement ~ Vision Clinic ~ Women's Ministry

It was an early morning...prayer, breakfast and out the door. While the men on our team were working with the Haitian men preparing to pour the cement, the women on the team were busy holding a vision clinic for all who needed a pair of glasses. Also Sister Patty spent a little time ministering The Word and prayer with the women. Patty and Larissa praying for the lost and sick seeing souls saved and healed. Praise The Lord! That's what it's all about!!