Wilnot Mercier is the Founder and President of

Haitian Hope in the Bohoc/Monac region. 

He not only runs a school for little children, 

who other wise would not have an education, 

he goes to college to get a degree as a Pastor,

 has a choir, plays guitars and sings, and oversees so many projects  from funds raised by Psalm139LOVE. 

 He's also a very gifted artist! Currently he's selling his paintings to cover college expenses and travel to minister. Psalm139LOVE  brought back some of his 

current paintings to sell. 

However, this purchase is NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE.

All proceeds will go to Wilnot Mercier!

Go to our


to purchase a painting! 


Please browse through our store.

On occasion, we have special items you can purchase for yourself where the 100% of the proceeds go back into the ministry.

However, we always have in the store the opportunity for you to bless a Haitian family.  You can buy a goat, tin for roofs, cement floors, bags of rice or a food basket etc.

Please take a look around!


We hope you will prayerfully considering supporting this ministry through your monetary donations. With every penny you donate, you will see with pictures and videos exactly what your donation is going towards. You can give a one time donation or become a monthly Love Partner. 


The Lord has blessed our ministry with many divine appointments with 

amazing people.

Please take a look at the good folks who have blessed and partnered with Pslam139LOVE

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